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October 29, 2016


Are you being haunted by GHOULISH ODOURS?



Scare them away with a big black pouch of Bam-BOO!  (charcoal that is)

One of our favorite things about October, and the arrival of the Autumnal months in general, is the continual influx of the delightful scents of pumpkin - spice- cinnamon - apple EVERYTHING!! It is a feast for the senses that we look forward to year after year after year... 

All of sudden it happens. Upon entering your usual ‘haunt’ for your morning coffee, you realize the change has occurred. You look up on the chalkboard and there it is, but you didn’t have to see it to know it was there. The scent of the glorious pumpkin spice latte wafts through the air so decadently you can almost taste it before it even hits your lips. Adding to your bliss, the pastry counter now boasts maple scones and cinnamon buns and pumpkin muffins. The ground is ablaze in orange and red as you listen to the sound of leaves crunch beneath your feet. The mild scent of fireplaces and freshly baked apple pies fill the air of the neighborhood and you finally know Fall has arrived.


Often, we are so taken by the season that we sometimes miss the other-worldly, not so pleasant ghosts of odours past that are determined to make their entities known as well. You know, the gym bags and smelly sports shoes left by the door. The spooky leftovers that have been left to the after-life in the fridge. The apple skins and pumpkin carvings that sit in the trash bin one day too long. Left unattended, all of these wicked odours can combine to make your home a HOUSE of HORROR-ble smells!!!!

Now is the time to stalk up on EVER BAMBOO charcoal pouches for trash bins, fridge and freezer, closets and drawers, and all the little nooks and crannies where the vampires of stink come to feed! Show these ghastly odours who’s in charge and cast these stinky spirits away for good! We promise you will have them scared off by simply casting one simple ‘spell’ ...



October 07, 2016



Three of our favorite things happen in the fall. Autumnal colors. Pumpkin Spice everything. And the excitement of back to school shenanigans.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Parents everywhere secretly rejoicing as school supplies and dorm room fixin’s pile into the cart for the grand send off! Campuses come alive with the buzz and bustle of this mass exodus of aspiring minds, go getters, and record breaking pizza eaters all eagerly settling in for a new year of higher learning (and an unexplainable contempt for keeping up with their laundry!)

The soon to be unfresh air of the mysterious, often unidentifiable dorm room funk slowly begins to seep down hallways and nestle into closets like a pair of old (smelly) slippers. Come on kids, you know the drill. These are text-book facts! Laundry piles sit for days while basking in pleasantries such as wet towels, damp gym clothes and week old pizza boxes. And alas, when aspiring academics finally decide to pick up the room a bit, this act generally consists of stuffing the dirty clothes into the same space where the nice clean ones once resided. Next thing ya know, STINK has gotcha by the drawers! Hampers become havens for must and odour. And suddenly everything smells like rotten eggs. Sound familiar? Quite frankly, our fine young scholars could use a crash course in Stink 101. But since you will be hard pressed to find one on the syllabus, we proudly present Ever Bamboo - Bamboo Charcoal Pouches for the easy A.

By placing our Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches in your closet, hamper, lockers, gym bags and drawers, No one will ever suspect that you haven’t laid eyes on the laundry room in days. Mom will not have to use surgical gloves and a face mask to wrangle the often unwelcome weekend visit home from your laundry basket, you know, the one that smells like a pile of stinky kicks!

After all, must and odour are two R’ewwww’m-mates that no one willingly invites to the party, but sometimes they show up uninvited and your nose suddenly is time to ace this annoyance. So to our brilliant young collegiates everywhere, why not let Ever Bamboo help you pass with flying colors? We guarantee you will graduate top of the class in Stink 101. #rethinkthestink

August 19, 2016


Hei You! Bamboo-tiful!!!

To put it ‘mildly’ summer skin is challenging. As the days heat up, we find ourselves applying several coats of sunscreen, moisturizer, self tanners and bronzer to our sun kissed faces and bodies. Throw in a little pool time, salt water and the puffy eyes of one too many margaritas and we have the perfect recipe for clogged pores and a residue ridden dermis. It’s our favorite part of summer - - - said no one EVER!

But what if we told you there was an all natural, chemical and paraben free way to literally raise the bar (of soap that is) on skincare?  We can and we will, as once again we see the unmatched, naturally occurring porous properties of bamboo charcoal rise to new levels of awesomeness and efficacy. This time, in skincare.

Sure. By now we have become familiar with the myriad ways our Ever Bamboo charcoal products deodorize and dehumidify in our homes, closets, freezers and trash bins. We applaud it for its longevity and numerous reactivations by sunlight. We LOVE how it recycles itself into a masterful moisture regulator in our terrariums and gardens! But did you know that using bamboo charcoal in soaps, spa packs and masks is the one of the hottest trends in personal beauty products?


Ever Bamboo’s Bamboo Charcoal Soap and Facial Masks are simply rockstars (ok, coal-stars) when it comes to cleaning and detoxifying skin. Upon use, they absorb impurities and free radicals that penetrate your glorious mug, and leave skin a heck of a lot more clear and luminous than they found it.


Now if you are more of a soaker than a stander, using our Ever Bamboo Spa Pack in the tub will be a game changer for you! As you submerge yourself into the essential ‘feel good’ minerals released into the bathwater - such as calcium, magnesium and potassium- you will experience the ultimate osmosis with the most-est that will leave you swimming in circulatory BLISS!

Is there anything you cannot do with Ever Bamboo? The jury is still out, but we promise we are diligently working towards a “no”.

In the mean time, go get yourself Bamboo-tiful today!

June 30, 2016


AH, SUMMER. Make MEMORIES a MUST! ...not musty memories.

Ah, summer is here. The damp, hair curling ocean air. The smell of charred burgers and hot dogs wafting through back yards. Car roofs and the ‘way way back’s’ of jeeps overstuffed with beach chairs and coolers and suitcases, as the wanderlusts of heat hit the road for their annual migratory rituals of summery to and fro’s. There is simply no better time of year to live wild with abandon. What you should NOT abandon however, are the bags and coolers full of damp, stinky summer stuff!

The humid days and nights of summer living can wreak havoc on the nose as your belongs become ripe with the not so pleasant fruits of our active outdoor labours of summertime love! The hot sun and moist air are welcome signs of the season. Unfortunately together, they combine to leave even the loveliest days soiled with unwanted odours (not to mention the odours of lovely beach bags, coolers and shoes!)

Now we all know that the occasional forgetfulness of ‘hanging the suits up to dry’ after a day at the beach is a shore way to musty odour and a host of not so fun 'other' things. And let’s face it, those flip flops and white tee’s you live in can get pretty stinky while on the open road of adventure. Couple that with a day of fishing on the boat or a camping trip by the lake, and you have the perfect summer cocktail of STINK! (on or off the rocks!) 

What if we told you that we had the perfect summer companion for your home away from home that was as easy as 1- 2- 3- as in, The Ever Bamboo Mini Deodorizer + Dehumidifier (aka The Travel Trio). They fit everywhere and anywhere you need them to. The backpack, where dirty and clean clothes must co-exist. 

The picnic basket that you ALWAYS forget to empty (aka leftover potato salad anyone?) Or the damp towels left sitting in the car just one day too long. You name it. The Travel Trio pouches are filled with our porous, odour absorbing bamboo charcoal granules, and quite literally save the day (and the noses and good standing of our travel companions!) Just pop one into the place where the stinky damp thing is and wella! Nothing but blue skies and sunshiney scents! Perfect for the beach bag, the cooler, the suitcase, the knapsack, or the duffle!

Now, nothing will stand between your nose and the refreshing summer breeze. Frolic freely knowing that what happens in the travel bag stays fresh in the travel bag! Have a happy, safe and STINK FREE summer.

April 22, 2016


Earth Day - Let's keep it aROUND for a while, shall we?

Earth Day is again upon us. One day out of 365 doesn’t seem ample enough for our gorgeous green blue ball of wonder. And considering we are quite literally NOTHING without it, best to keep Mother Nature (and Al Gore) happy!

Around the world, Earth Day is set aside to call attention to, and address the environmental issues that continue to press upon us globally. Ongoing climate change affects everything from our biodiversity to the air we breath. The decline of our natural resources are in grave disrepair. Our oceans are now more polluted than at any other time in history and renewable energy for most of the globe still seems like a pipe dream away. The chain of events set off by NOT being mindful to the needs of our planet could prove catastrophic. And let’s face it, it would be really nice if future generations have an Earth Day to celebrate!  

While Earth Day is a wonderful reminder to think about being kinder to the planet, that mindset should be part of our every day thinking! At Ever Bamboo, this is the driving force behind our vision. We are not just asking you to use a product that is natural, sustainable, recyclable, and all around GOOD for you...we are challenging you to literally reTHINK the way you contemplate STINK and the choices you make to approach it. Both are a win-win!

Not only will poor choices here be forever harmful to the Earth, they may possibly banish all together, the beautiful quality of life we earthlings take for granted. 

It is old habit to reach for chemical laden air fresheners and candles that use scent to mask odour. It is ingrained in society that masking is the solution to odours. But the real answer lies in eliminating them. "Rethink The Stink" is a call to action to bring awareness to making better, safer choices that are kinder to the earth. When we 'know better' we do better. To do better, we need to SHIFT our thinking to affect real change.

By bringing awareness to Bamboo Charcoal and it’s incredible properties as a stink stopper and humidity hacker, you come to enjoy a safer home full of happy humans and happy pets. And did we mention Al Gore? Happy Earth Day Earthlings!



March 18, 2016


Terrarium Ideas?

Hey man, is that a Terrarium?

Ah the seventies! Remember them? The Brady Bunch, wide leg pants, peace signs, really bad mustache and platform shoes? Retro culture is back in a big way, and guess what topic is ‘sprouting up' again. Not life on Mars, but LIFE IN JARS! You guessed it. The TERRARIUM! The throwback is making a comeback.


The Terrarium is the new ‘HOT” in horticulture, and exciting new terrarium ideas are making the regular old houseplant a thing of the past.

But what’s so cool about a terrarium, is that it becomes an entirely self functioning ecosystem through a wondrous alchemy of proper soil, light, moisture regulation and plants. And all in a glass container!  But did you know what other “hot topic” is a very important component in terrarium ideas? Charcoal!


Besides the fish tank, one of the most popular ways activated charcoal was utilized was in - you guessed it - the terrarium! Here, charcoal granules function as the little gatekeepers of pH Balance. The element of water is vital in a terrarium, as it is constantly being recycled and re-dispersed through the plants, the soil and the air.

The magic mojo of charcoal granules is that they keep the water purified and free of toxins, while helping to regulate moisture in this tiny world of wonder.

Now, you may have noticed recently that charcoal itself has become the chemical free, non-toxic ‘go-to’ product in home life, well being and skincare. As a leader in bamboo charcoal products, and their multifunctional properties as stink-stoppers & humidity hackers, Ever Bamboo champions all things sustainable and reusable and has come up with way to contribute to a terrarium idea of its own. Recycled bamboo charcoal granules from our odour bamboozling pouches!

After a full year of reactivated use in the home keeping stinky odours and must at bay, Ever Bamboo pouches can be cut open to release their charcoal granules into a fulfilling afterlife …. Your Terrarium! Simply mix the granules with gravel under the peatlite layer, and BOOM! Saved money, saved time and a totally Terra-fic Terrarium!

So be cool, man! You don’t have to feel like a bum just cuz’ you lack a green thumb! The terrarium is a wonderful way to put a little life in your home, and chloro-Fill it with the beauty of living plants.

We hope you have enjoyed this fast forward throwback, and that you find both fun and function in your bamboo charcoal, and terrarium ideas! Peace Out. 

December 03, 2015


Air “Fresheners”? or Poisoners?

Does your ROOM smell more like a R’ew’M?

How do you get rid of the odours? Would you pull out a can of air “fresheners” and start spraying? Light a scented candle? Or an air fresheners plug-in? with many scents to choose from..."Vanilla Heaven", "Island Breeze"? Air fresheners are most commonly used at bathrooms and around the home. But do you know that they’re often toxic and might as well called air poisoners.

But do you know if they’re fresh or toxic? Are they air fresheners or toxically masking air poisoners? Newer products are now labeled with “100% Natural Propellant”, what does that really mean? Article Link

Have you read the ingredient labels on most air fresheners? The chances are you’d see fragrance or perfume as part of the list. Do you know that this single ingredient contains up to 400 toxic ingredients? Other common ingredients include formaldehyde and xylene, which are often not listed. These ingredients are carcinogen and neurotoxin those are harmful to our bodies, children, and pets. Some brands don’t even have ingredients listed on the packaging because it is not mandatory to do so. This is of huge concern and we have gathered a list of articles on the issue:

What's in air fresheners? 
Air "Fresheners"
Beware of Toxic Air Fresheners
Hazards are hiding in fragranced consumer products
Exposed: What’s Lurking in Febreze?
Exposed: Cancer-Causing Toxins Found in Air Fresheners
Go fragrance-free

There are better ways to freshen up your home than conventional air fresheners. We recommend unscented bamboo charcoal deodorizers (100% natural, made from moso bamboo) or natural air fresheners alternatives (ones made with essential oils). Opening up windows to improve air circulation would do wonders also. Simply put, let nature helping nature.

What is your experience with conventional air fresheners and other natural alternatives? Please share with us in the Comment section below.


Special thanks to The Changing Planet providing the list of links

September 25, 2015


Ever Bamboo Crowdnaming Campaign

Once upon a time, there was a moso bamboo.
He absorbed odours and must from closet to shoe.
But for all his hard work it seemed such a shame,
that our feisty bamboo was given no name :(

So we reach out to YOU, to tell us what you think.  
What should we name our hero of stink?

Click here to let us know what you think.
Campaign Date: Sep 25 - Oct 4, 2015

August 06, 2015

1 Comment

The Whoopi Effect

Hello Everyone,

Today marks the one year anniversary of being featured on The View as one of Whoopi’s Favorite Things, and those 42 unforgettable seconds forever changed the trajectory of Ever Bamboo. 

Last month, a customer called asking us which product would work best for the strange odour in her furnace room. After recommending the large room deodorizer I inquired how she learned about our products. “Whoopi” she enthusiastically said!  “You know that was a year ago, right?’ I playfully mentioned. “Yes” she laughed. “I made sure i wrote down everything Whoopi said so that i would know where to order when i found myself in a stinky situation. That time is now!”  We both had a laugh and it got me to thinking, that we really are helping our customers to “rethink the stink!”

The Whoopi Effect is still with us after a full year, and we at Ever Bamboo could not be happier :) The feature inspired us to further define our vision and core values. It has fuelled our passion, and our mission to bring about a new way of thinking about dampness and odour in our homes, our belongings and our lives and to “rethink” how we purify our air in a natural, non toxic way. The growing excitement and satisfaction in our product has led us to dream big dreams. It has given us opportunities to partner with extremely talented individuals to foster product and brand development and a bigger digital and marketing presence. 

This expansion will allow more customers, like you, to learn about, have access to and experience this sustainable eco friendly way of living life stink free!

As we approach our 10th year Anniversary, reflecting on the journey brings us a real sense of satisfaction. The past 9 years have been at once humbling and tireless as we struggled to get our product and our message out into the world, but ultimately we have been met with excitement, encouragement and validation that has proven to be deeply rewarding. 

So thank you again Miss Whoopi Goldberg for 42 of the best seconds ever (link to youtube & link to our thank you letter to Miss Goldberg). Take her word for it if ours is not enough. 

….It's time to Rethink the Stink!

Sincerely and without stink,
K.B. Lee
CEO/Founder of Ever Bamboo - #RethinkTheStink


May 15, 2015


'Using businesses to improve lives...'

was being talked about by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, in his interview with Inc Magazine.

Two great cause marketing initiatives this month (May 2015): 
From May 5 - May 21, Instagram your bare feet with hashtag #WITHOUTSHOES to give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. More details here.

"Throughout May, Shake Shack guests who donate $2 or more to No Kid Hungry will receive a card for a complimentary hand-spun shake - valued at $5 - redeemable on their next visit. One hundred percent of donations will benefit No Kid Hungry." More details here.