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A Different Kind of Back to School.

The New Normal and How Covid 19 is educating us all.

It’s hard to believe we are reaching the end of the summer season. Back in March when the global pandemic first hit, we all looked to the summer months for hope and promise as we saw the world try to contain a major pandemic. What feels at once like both years later - and the blink of an eye - we are entering September with still no end in sight. For many of us, this has forced a reckoning with what we call ‘The New Normal’.

Speaking of - what used to be a mad rush for back to school preparations complete with new wardrobe, kicks, sporting gear and books - is now looking to be more of a mixed bag based on where you live, how bad Covid19 spread is there, and whether or not school classes will be virtual and remote, in person and on campus, or an artful combination of both.

Either way, there is a part of us all that is trying to feel some semblance of normalcy, despite the fact that for many - it is not. That said, the one thing that will remain normal is that no matter where you are or what is going on in the world as we know it - stink won’t stop.

Many will still have the opportunity to play outdoor sports. We will all still be mindful of exercise and staying healthy and in shape. Our beloved pets will still find a way to roll in smelly piles of who knows what. Heaps of clothes are still going to overflow in your tween’s room and chances are that as we usher in the cooler fall season,  stinky boots and kicks will be spending more time in your house! 

So Ever Bamboo wants to celebrate the fact that come Covid or high water - we can STILL SLAY STINK!

With that we are offering a ‘buy two get one free’ on Shoe deodorizers. As we find our ‘footing’ this fall and adapt to all the changes and limitations - one thing will remain the same - Ever Bamboo will still be here to help you #RethinkTheStink. 

And as you do, we hope you will hold tightly to this wise sentiment:
It is not always survival of the fittest that determines whether we survive or thrive - it is our ability to adapt to change. After all, change is the only permanent thing there is. 

To help your family get prepared and freshened up for the Back to School season, use code "BACK2SCHOOL_B2G1" & Enjoy Buy 2 Get 1 Free on our Shoe Deodorizers. Simply add 3 single unit pack to the cart and enter the code to activate your offer (the code does not work on the 2-unit and 6-unit pack). Valid until September 14, 2020. 

Have a happy, stink free day.
Team E.B.



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