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February 13, 2020


Happy Valentine’s Day.

A Love Note to YOU From Ever Bamboo.

Roses are red, green is Ever Bamboo.
We eliminate STINK - and we LOVE what we do.

For years your loyalty to our ethos and brand 
has helped us fight stink, and gain an upper hand.

In bringing to light a safe, natural way 
to fight must and odour every day.

We created our products from bamboo charcoal 
to be non-toxic, reusable, and sustainably whole.

We bring awareness to a different choice
that gives mother nature a relevant voice!

Rapidly growing and strong as can be -
this renewable source is the future we see.

We don’t need toxic chemicals, fake scents or sprays,
to keep musty odours and STINK at bay.

Just a simple pouch in a boot or shoe,
hanging from a closet, in a bin, or a room.

Tucked away where you need them to be,
keeping moisture in check, and the air odour free.

So thank you all for caring enough
to give ‘stink’ the boot in all of your stuff!

Your continued support of Ever Bamboo,
leads the way in all that we do.

It’s the little steps that we take each day,
that make our planet better in a very big way.

So to show you our love for all that you do -
Enjoy 20% off from Ever Bamboo : ) 

Use code VDAY20 & Enjoy 20% OFF your entire purchase of deodorizers and dehumidifiers. Valid until Feb 23, 2020.

Have a Happy, Stink Free Valentine’s Day!
With Love - Team EB


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January 25, 2020


Happy reNEW the BAMBOO Year!

As we head into not just another new YEAR, but a new DECADE - we can look back on the last one and truly see the progress that has been made when it comes to eco friendly, sustainable solutions that are not only good for the planet, but better for us humans.

For example - If you were to have said to someone 10 years ago that one of the smartest, most effective natural solutions to life’s everyday stinky stuff would be Bamboo Charcoal - perhaps they would have been mystified as to what you were speaking of. Or, If you would have tried to explain to folks that there was a smarter, safer, healthier way to tackle dampness and odour - than toxic, chemically laden scented sprays and room deodorizers - they may not have believed that either.  Especially if you told them the solution was a very effective charcoal made from (gasp) bamboo!

But alas - as the years have passed, so has the inclination to reach for these old outdated stink solutions! Today, most of us engage in trying to live a greener, more eco conscious and earth friendly lifestyle where our personal carbon footprint is visibly diminished. One of the things that has become MORE visible however - is the role of bamboo in nearly every facet of daily life around the globe.

Bamboo is actually considered a ‘woody grass’ that that is native to Southeast Asia and has been thriving there for millions of years. But honestly? Depending on the species, one can find bamboo taking root just about anywhere. One of the reasons why Bamboo is so popular and dependable is that its growth rate makes it incredibly sustainable, readily available and ever renewable. With some plants growing as much as 35 inches in a single 24 hour period, bamboo is considered one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. (GASP!) 35 inches a day? THAT. IS. REMARKABLE.

Beyond being a delicious meal for the beloved Panda Bear - Bamboo has been used for thousands of years in textiles, furniture, and clothing. It is also considered one of the strongest plants in the world. Did you know that bamboo has a higher tensile strength that steel? (Yes, we just heard you gasp AGAIN!)  

Certain species of Bamboo are stronger than wood, brick or concrete while others remain pliable enough for durable, yet intricate work. This means that bamboo is one of the cleanest, greenest ways to build anything from boats, paper, flooring and furniture to smaller everyday items like utensils, toothbrushes, musical instruments and clothing. Honestly, its uses are endless and continually growing in the modern world. The best news is, that unlike wood and the growth cycle of trees - it is rapidly growing and sustainable.

Our deodorizing products at Ever Bamboo are made from Bamboo Charcoal. 

Harvested after 5 years of growth, the bamboo is heated in ovens of up to 1200 degrees Celsius.

Bamboo Charcoal benefits the environment by reducing pollutant residue, and has a unique and unparalleled absorption property. Because of its naturally occurring porous nature - Bamboo Charcoal pulls moisture and odours from the air and actually eliminates them. The pouches - when reactivated by 2 hours of direct sunlight on each side - dry out, and can then go on to fight moisture and odour for up to a full year with this repeated, proper care. 

But that’s not the end of the line for this magical bamboo charcoal. Once a year has passed - you can cut the pouches open and sprinkle the granules into your terrarium or garden where they will go on to regulate moisture in the soil - keeping your plants healthy & happy. Talk about a life well lived. Way to go bamboo!

We believe in the powerful properties of Nature. At Ever Bamboo our goal is to make everyone aware that they have a choice in how they tackle must and odour. Mother Nature is much smarter than we give her credit for. And Bamboo gets an A+ in our book!

Start the year off right and enjoy 15% OFF w/ promo code BAMBOO15 to give mother nature a chance to show stink the door! Code expires on Feb 2, 2020, valid on deodorizing and dehumidifying products only.

Have a happy, stink free DECADE!

Team E.B.

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December 21, 2019


God Rest Ye Merry Stinky Smells this Christmas Holiday! (Our version of a Holiday classic)

God rest ye merry stinky smells 

its time you’ve gone away -

Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches 

sends them on their way!

In closets, drawers, and bins of yore 

where stinks doth come to play -

Oh tidings of ‘stink free’ - ‘must free’ JOY.

Odour free JOY!

Oh tidings of this stink Free Christmas JOY!

God rest ye stinky laundry pile that’s sitting in your room

You’ve really let it go and now the smell begins to swoon?


Just pop a pouch into the basket ‘til your laundry day

It will help you keep those damp odours at bay

Til laundry day, 

It will help you keep those stinky smells at BAY!

God rest ye stinky boots and shoes 

just resting at your door.

Moisture and damp soles are stinking up

Your whole first floor

Ever Bamboo to the rescue for your smelly shoes

Oh no more stinky shoes to ruin your day

Shoe them away-

Oh tidings of A stink free Holiday!


From all of us at Ever Bamboo 

We wish you peace and light

A holiday that’s filled with love 

And cozy winter nights.


We hope that in the new year 

we will see you back again.


For a happy stink free year you can depend

On Ever Bamboo 

A happy stink free 2020 from US to YOU!

Have a Happy, Merry. Stink free HOLIDAY everyone.

With love

Team E.B.


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November 30, 2019



It is official. The holiday season is upon us!

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicks off the busiest shopping season of the year, most of us find ourselves preparing to make our way into the fray, and usher in the notoriously joyful 

(and often stress inducing) Gift Giving Season. Although we are still most likely feeling full from overstuffed bellies and hearts of gratitude - The daunting task of holiday shopping may have some of us reaching for antacids! Well don’t you worry because we just may have the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the season.

A hot bath and a good night’s sleep!

Now, we understand that you probably know Ever Bamboo for our STINK defying superpowers, and our Bamboo Charcoal Pouches that keep moisture and odours at bay. But did you also know that we are a whole lot more? Ever Bamboo has curated a collection of sustainable comfort and luxury as well - perfect for a little personal pampering just for you -  or for your ‘self care’ loving friends and family.

After a long day of whatever has your patience wearing thin this season - may we suggest a nice long bath?  A warm soothing soak with our Spa Pack, a bar of Hei Beauty Bamboo Charcoal Soap, and our luxurious European designed Bath Mitts are the perfect recipe for a little self indulgent love and decadence. Designed to pull out the impurities and toxins that sneak into your skin during the day, you will emerge from your bath feeling clean, fresh and GOOD about the non toxic ingredients that you have just used to bring a little zen back into your life.

Upon exiting your luxurious soak - wrap yourself in a velvety soft, dye free, bamboo charcoal Bath towel. As you dry off,  the towels do the dirty work of sloughing off any dead skin cells - leaving you warm, silky and very clean.

To end the perfect spa evening - wouldn’t it be lovely to crawl into a bed made with soft, cozy, temperature regulating bamboo charcoal sheets? We KNOW so - and we’ve got you covered! The natural pigment of our Bamboo Charcoal Sheet Set is dye and bleach free, and made from high quality, organic bamboo fibres. This breathable, hypoallergenic set boasts a thread count of 300 and will make the perfect gift for yourself, or the finicky sleepers in your life.

So as you can see, we are more than just stink free sustainable living. We are stink free sustainable LUXURY as well! To celebrate the start of the busiest shopping season of the year - enjoy 20% OFF on all deodorizers and dehumidifiers through Dec 16, 2019. Use code: CM20 at check out.

Now, get shopping! 

Grateful,  and happy to see you again, we wish you a stink free holiday shopping season!

Team EB

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October 30, 2019


Is STINK Haunting Your Home?

Perhaps you fear the haunting stink - that comes home with your kids from the hockey rink?

That musty smell of skates and gloves has you longing for a little refreshing love.

Fear no more because Ever Bamboo - has a Hockey Sports Set just for you.

A pouch in your skates, a pouch in your glove - and that ghastly stink will be met with love!

Or maybe your closet has a skeleton or two, whose stink is like a worn out, smelly BOO!

Hanging in the most musty way - a stink no witch could scare away.

But alas we have a hanging pouch that will have your stink saying “OUCH!”

Don’t get hung up on the stink in your closet - put a pouch on your hanger - 

Your nose will applaud it!

When your boots and shoes go traipsing about - stink will sneak in - of that there’s no doubt.

Those cozy wool socks can make your foot sweat -  but we slip off our boots and often forget. 

Dampness lingers causing musty stink - and now’s the time that we must rethink!

No more toxic sprays and balls! Just Ever Bamboo pouches to answer the call!


Stink is a ghoul who loves to haunt - but Ever Bamboo is the fix that will taunt.

Must and Odour will disappear - like a ghost in the night that you’ll no longer fear!

Just pop them into dark places that smell, and within days, you won’t be able to tell.

So Trick or treat from Ever Bamboo - Stay safe, and stink free from us to you!


Have a happy STINK FREE Halloween!

Team Ever BamBOOOOOO!


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August 30, 2019


The Student Guide to STINK FREE LIVING

It’s hard to believe, but here we are again at the crossroads of the seasonal intersection known as ‘the end of summer’ and ‘the beginning of the school year’. Now if you are like most, you have one of two distinct schools of thought about this : ) 

If you’re a student headed back to the grind, perhaps your glee may be low to middling. If you are a parent however, chances are fairly good that at this very moment, you are currently engaged in what is known worldwide as the back to school happy dance! Whichever category you fall under, one thing is clear: With the start of fall sports, packed lunches that sometimes don’t UNpack for days, and overstuffed sports and gym bags - it’s definitely gonna start to get stinky around here…

So we at Ever Bamboo have compiled a simple back to school list for our #RethinkTheStink curriculum!  A list specifically curated for dealing with pesky must, dampness and odours in no particular order. We hope this helps you get an early handle on the sneaky little smells that can often go on to take over an entire room.

  • Ever Bamboo Shoe & Boot deodorizers - In every closet, locker or gym bag - WE PROMISE there is a lonely, stinky sole that needs your attention. We recommend you Pop a Pouch!
  • Ever Bamboo Room Deodorizers. - Honestly? If there is a kid and a room there is bound to be STINK. Stow one away near the hamper or closet. Your nose will thank you!
  • Ever Bamboo Drawer Deodorizers - because once stink has you by the ‘drawers’ it’s not going to let go easily. Keep a pouch in your dresser drawers for ultimate freshness!
  • Ever Bamboo Closet Deodorizers - Hung up on the STINK in your closet? Well don’t be. Just place one of our hanging pouches around your hanger, and musty clothing is a thing of the past!
  • Ever Bamboo HEI Charcoal Soap - Because what good is an odour and must free living space if you don't stay CLEAN - ok ok - we may be exaggerating, but the way that our bamboo charcoal soap draws out impurities and dirt from the skin is NO exaggeration! Grab a bar!
  • And finally - Once you are clean and stink free, how about slipping into one of the coolest, softest sleeps of your life. Sound good? Grab a pair of our Bamboo Sheet Sets. We believe sweet dreams are made of these!

We hope this list is helpful as you make your way back into the groove of the ‘back to school’ autumnal months. Study Hard! As a welcome back to the grind gift, we would like you to Enjoy a 10% discount with code: STUDY2019 (valid until Sept 16, 2019).


Have a happy stink free September.

Team E.B.

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June 30, 2019


Happy Birthday Neighbor!

Let us be the first to say HAPPY CANADA DAY and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY neighbors! Not only do we live next door to each other - we celebrate our sovereignty together!

Something about July officially says ‘Summer is Here” - and nothing in the world feels better than freedom - and all the sparkling, booming festivities that come with it!

How will you be celebrating? A few days by the shore? A camping trip by the lake? Or maybe some travel and adventure in the big cities with some fireworks and a symphony of sound? Now America, you’ve gotten a lot of things right over the course of the last 223 years, but there is one thing you can still improve on. How you handle STINK!. Perhaps, it’s time to rethink!

Whatever you have planned, Ever Bamboo wants to come celebrate with you! Somewhere, at some point along the way to ‘freedom’ from the daily grind - you can be sure there will be stink! Whether it’s the smelly stuff in your beach bag and cooler after a day at the shore, or the stinky camping gear, travel bags and shoes after a day of summer fun - Ever Bamboo has the perfect pouch to pop in where the stink is!

To name a few, let's start with our ‘travel trio’ of mini bamboo charcoal deodorizers! They are small and convenient, and powerful enough to knock the stink out of small spaces like knapsacks, beach bags and luggage. And those new summer kicks and hiking boots that make you want to go barefoot after catching a whiff? Just pop a shoe / boot deodorizer in overnight and wake up with refreshed SOLES.

Perhaps you are traveling with Spot, and that wet dog smell has overtaken your home or car. Yes, Spot is cute -his STINK however -is not. This sounds like the perfect job for our large room deodorizer. Since our Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are non toxic, chemical and scent free- they are safe and effective for people AND pets. Just pop one near his pet bed or favorite hang out, and wella! That stink will be more bark than bite ;)

And speaking of fireworks and symphonies, summer humidity can do a number on your wooden instruments. Keep them safe and sound (-ing good) with Ever Bamboo too! Your unwarped guitar will thank you as you play it around the bonfire:)

And finally, what can be better than the fact that our bamboo pouches can be reactivated by 1-2 hours of direct sunlight on each side - and go on to last the entire year? Not much! After all, they need a little summer sunning too!

No matter what you have cooking on the grill or on the road - be sure and stock up on Ever Bamboo to keep your summer stink free. Happy Summer Fun in the sun for all! Have a happy, stink free July!

Team E.B.





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May 25, 2019


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The long weekend that kicks off the official start of SUMMER (stink!)

Ok ok. You know we are being funny here, but if ever there were smelly things associated with summer - damp, wet, musty stink is certainly one of them! You know that beachy scent of which we speak. No, not the warm salty ocean air one, the OTHER one. That day old - rolled in a ball in your beach bag that you forgot about - beach towel one! Or the leftover sandwich you forgot was in the cooler from last weekend (that you incidentally ALSO left in the back seat of your car. Heavenly - not) And correct us if we are wrong, but is there any stench as foul as the always damp summer slides and kicks that become the permanent home to sweaty stinky summer feet? Thank WE. THINK. NOT. (And don’t EVEN get us started on what the family car starts to smell like by mid summer!!!)

So, before the much anticipated summer fun kicks off - we wanted to offer a few ‘solutions’ to the inevitability of summer stink by offering 2 new options when you order your Bamboo Charcoal Pouches from Ever Bamboo.

Are you headed to Europe? Or perhaps the exotic tropical beaches of the pacific? The family beach house on Cape Cod? Well thankfully, it really doesn’t matter where you are headed this summer because we now offer International shipping starting at just $10.So, before the much anticipated summer fun kicks off - we wanted to offer a few ‘solutions’ to the inevitability of summer stink by offering 2 new options when you order your Bamboo Charcoal Pouches from Ever Bamboo.

This way, if you have a summer of travel and adventure planned somewhere that WE SHIP, you never have to worry about getting your Ever Bamboo sent to wherever you are summering!

Just head over to our shipping page at Shipping | Ever Bamboo to see if your summer destination (or permanent home) is included on our list.

The second thing we are excited to share with you is that many of our products are now available to buy in bulk! Be prepared to save up to 20% every time you order bulk items.

Not only do you get MORE for your money, but you get MORE in your single shipment. Both of these things make your time, and your wallet happy.

Just go to the product page and select your product.

Right before the “ADD TO CART” button - you may now see a tab that says ‘QUANTITY’ - make your bulk selection here and then add it to your cart. Simple. Smart. Savvy.

After all - sometimes, MORE IS BETTER! Especially when it comes to the elimination of life’s stinky stuff. Wouldn’t you agree?

To help you celebrate the start of summer this weekend, Ever Bamboo is offering a discount on top of a discount --> enjoy 10% off with promo code BULK10, valid until June 2.

Have a happy, bulky, internationally shipped STINK FREE weekend! (That was a mouthful)

Team Ever Bamboo 










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April 22, 2019


Make Haste for #ZeroWaste

Earth Day is upon us, and we wanted to celebrate one of the fastest growing movements across the world that is helping to keep our planet healthier and happier. #ZeroWaste.

This is a call to action movement that is currently taking over major cities in the US, Canada and Europe - and in the very near future - it may well be the way of the future in retail. Ever Bamboo has recently joined the cause and teamed up with @thesoapdispensary in Vancouver to sell our natural deodorizers in bulk - sans packaging. We have to tell you, it feels REALLY good!

Zero Waste is all about doing away with the middle man of packaging, thus reducing waste and landfill overrun. Food giants like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are amongst some of the major chains making these shifts in how they present food and personal items in their stores. Whole Foods has long offered ‘bulk products’ in their aisles, and now many stores are finally catching on - from food suppliers to every day retail stores - people are looking for ways to cut down on wasteful plastic consumption because we see where it ends up, and how it pollutes our environment, our land, and our oceans.

Laws and bills are passing all over the world that are banning and eliminating unnecessary plastics such as straws, cutlery and bags. It is a shift that is becoming more and more palpable, and although we are not there yet, it is undoubtedly where we are heading.

Zero Waste is not only better for the environment and the planet, but by eliminating the often hefty cost of packaging - it’s better for the wallet! From creation to shelf, it saves money in both production and time, and enriches all aspects of our lives by reducing waste (both physical and financial) in our own homes, communities, and eventually- our planet. How great is that trajectory!

Speaking of waste, did you know the average American produces nearly 1500 lbs of trash A YEAR! That number borders on the absurd. But there many ways we can help improve it in our everyday lives by making a some simple changes in how we choose to shop, and live.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Buy in BULK whenever possible. Seek out and support zero waste retailers in your local communities. Simple everyday staples like coffee, nuts, grains, seeds and personal items can all be found in bulk now. Even buying from big box stores saves big in small packaging waste!
  • Take full advantage of local, fresh food in season! This time of year cities are bustling again with farmers markets that support local food growers while reducing needless packaging - going from farm to consumer directly.
  • Glass Storage and Recycling Plastics. Glass containers such as mason jars are wonderful for storing bulk items, or making your own food. Create a refrigerator full of mindful, waste free food storage consisting of glass and reusable containers that are eco friendly. Then recycle any discarded plastic responsibly. Simply Conscious Living got it right with the fridge shot below, so we had to share.
  • Stop the Paper Trail - such as napkins and paper towels, and clean house with a designated kitchen towel and enjoy cloth napkins rather than paper ones.
  • Think outside the box. And we mean LITERALLY. From edible containers - to plantable business cards and carry out containers, support local business that support the environment like THIS!
  • Compost.Organic matter can be composted! This is one of our favorite ways to reduce waste and food remains, and can be done anywhere. Look into it!

‘Rethink - Reuse - Recycle’ has been the ongoing theme and mantra at Ever Bamboo for years now. If we can help our communities and consumers ‘rethink’ how we do things (including stink of course) - then that in itself compels awareness. And it is only through awareness that there can be real change.

The smaller our human footprint, the bigger breath Mother Earth can take. So on this Earth Day, let’s celebrate her well, and continue to remind each other to be thoughtful and conscious with every decision we make. Your better, smarter choices will reflect back to you in every aspect of life, starting with your home, families and well being - all the way to the oceans and the atmosphere. Now, more than ever, our choices have palpable, resounding consequences.

Choose well.

Happy Earth Day Humans.

And Remember - “Rethink the Stink”!


Have a happy, stink free day!

Team E.B.

For more info about Zero Waste, check out the Zero Waste Home, its founder, Bea Johnson, inspired hundreds of Vancouverites in October last year at a Zero Waste Talk hosted by The Soap Dispensary.

***ENJOY 10% OFF w/ code EARTHDAY2019, valid until Apr 30, 2019.


March 16, 2019


It’s SPRING! And flowers aren’t the only thing to pop.

Hello Ever Bamboo’ers!

We hope this finds you well, and may we be the first to say - HAPPY SPRING!

Slowly but surely, we will begin to see the long awaited spattering of vibrant spring colors across our landscapes. From cherry blossoms, to daffodils, to the first true sign of spring - the crocus - our senses reawaken as nature pops in all of her uncompromised glory. 

As we stand in awe of the rebirth all around us, we are inspired by a sense of revival and renewal. That same inspiration often becomes the premise for the annual (and unavoidable) ‘spring clean’.

Love it or hate it, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you freshen up your routine, and make sure that winter dank and musty stinks see their way out the door! And for that, flowers aren’t the only thing poppin’.

A few things we love to do for a spring clean is to declutter, re-organize and refresh our living space. From turning out drawers and dressers to freshening up stinky gym bags and spring kicks in waiting, Ever Bamboo makes all natural, one ingredient, bamboo charcoal deodorizers in all sizes to fit in any space where stink has settled in. And knowing that they last for up to a year, and are reactivated by direct outdoor sunlight every few months gives them the sunniest disposition that a ‘spring clean’ has ever seen!

Now is the perfect time to ‘Pop A Pouch’ to keep stink at bay. Our tiny little charcoal granules pack a punch, and here are a few ways that we like to put them to work.

  • Stick a few in our winter boots to keep them fresh over the summer months.
  • We pop a pouch in our car under the backseat where Spot likes to chill on the way to the park. Spot is cute. His stink is not :) And our pouches are people AND pet safe.
  • There is always a pouch in our fridge & freezer so that leftovers don’t become leftodours!
  • And just so stink doesn’t get you by the drawers, we pop a pouch in every dresser and linen cupboard to keep our threads fresh. And who wants to be hung up on the stink in their closet? Yup. We have a pouch for that too!
  • Oh, and finally, have we mentioned that we’ve never met a smelly gym bag that wasn’t happy to see us? You won’t either.

So there you have it. A few effortless happy hacks to make your spring cleaning as simple as popping a pouch. Let us know how and where YOU pop one. Send a picture to, and maybe we will feature YOUR ‘pop a pouch’ Spring hack on our instagram!

And speaking of spring things - how about A Spring Fling under some new sheets?

(Frisky, we know!)

Until March 29th, we are having a PRE-SALE EVENT - ENJOY 30 % OFF our Naturelle Bamboo Bed Sheets Set - made from 100% silky soft rayon lyocell from organic bamboo fiber. No dyes. No bleach. Just pure, breathable comfort that is especially good for, and gentle to sensitive skin. Sweet Dreams are made of these. No REALLY!




Sweet Dreams are made of these. No REALLY!

Happy Spring Flinging!

May your days be fresh and stink free,

Team EB

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