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June 30, 2022

And it’s time to Rethink That Summer Stink.   Summer is upon us, and so is all the sun and fun and ‘stink’ of the season. Whether you are hitting the highways and back roads for a long awaited summer road trip, or parked and chilled at vacation headquarters by the lake or the sea - long, hot, humid summer days are finally here - and so are the damp, stinky shoes, swimsuits and beach bags that always come along for the ride. Here at Ever Bamboo - we have a few ideas that will help you combat the worst of the summer stink offenders! Here are some suggestions for ways to use our Ever Bamboo Bamboo Charcoal Pouches throughout... Continue Reading →


April 22, 2022

And we can do our share by continuing to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. The cries are becoming louder and louder for immediate action on Climate Change. And we, as global citizens, are being called upon to do ALL of the above.  But sometimes, it feels so overwhelming that we often feel at a loss for how we can singularly contribute to such a collective problem. Well, believe it or not, there are myriad ways - both big and small - that our daily lives can indeed effect change. The first is something you’ve no doubt read about for years. Reducing our carbon footprint. Doing that looks like little things at first - like replacing paper and plastic with cloth... Continue Reading →


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