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Testimonials / Tests

Independent Lab Test (by SGS)

Our products have been independently tested. Tests have shown that when placed in an environment with a composition of 2,700 ppb total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), after 8 hours, Ever Bamboo charcoal deodorizers significantly reduced the level of toxins to 240 ppb. That is a 91% decrease!

Another test was performed using formaldehyde, and after an 8 hour period, from the time of placement of Ever Bamboo charcoal deodorizers in the chamber, the toxicity level plummeted to 0.06 ppm from 0.84 ppm, which is equivalent to a 93% decrease. Tests were also carried out without the use of bamboo charcoal and the toxicity levels only dropped by 11% and 12 % for TVOC and formaldehyde, respectively.

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