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Our Vision, Mission, Core Values

Our Vision:

To make the world a little less stinky, one odour at a time.

Our Mission:

To create awareness of bamboo charcoal products for consumer and industrial applications, and to revolutionize how we think about stink. 

Our Core Values:
  1. PASSION - To advocate for a shift in how we THINK about our approach to odour and must, and promote awareness for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable choice.
  1. INNOVATION - We endeavor to educate and find new ways to incorporate bamboo charcoal products into everyday life. Using our three R’s: Rethink, Reuse and Recycle, the easy and user-friendly nature of Ever Bamboo provides safe, effective, and long-lasting advantages.
  1. COLLABORATION - We strive to foster and grow a positive, productive team to collaborate and partner with retailers, distributors, and sales representatives who share our goals and mission.
  1. FUN - To use HUMOR to deal with life’s stinky stuff. If we can put a smile on your face while providing a safer, greener choice, we have truly succeeded!
  1. ALTRUISM - Most importantly, we want to use our business to improve lives. With Ever Bamboo, our sustainable, non-toxic products purify the air, rather than pollute it. This makes for happy humans, homes and pets and an all around greener, cleaner way of life.