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And It is Time We Listen.

One thing is certain, dealing with a global pandemic has taught us how to appreciate the simple things. At a time when separation from ‘other’ became the new norm, we had to search inward to find our ‘happy’. All the things we took for granted in our everyday lives and social habits were suddenly pulled out from under us. Home became the new out - and outside space became a refuge. For many of us, the only thing that felt normal was being in nature. Now more than ever, we have come to realize how vital it is to protect it.

Like every obstacle we are faced with, there is always an experience that we gain from it. 
A lesson to learn. A discovery made. A reckoning with certain truths. A silver lining. 
And for Mother Earth - it was all of the above.

What we learned from the planet during this global pandemic, is that our carbon footprint is way too heavy for Earth to carry without serious repercussion. The environment suffers daily at the hands of humans, and finally we have come to understand this not only with our eyes and senses, but with the science and data that has been meticulously documented after a year of global lockdowns. The only viable path forward is the one in which we fully realize that we CAN and must change how we tread on our planet.

For the past 12 months, global emissions were the lowest they have been in YEARS. Cities steeped in haze suddenly cleared. Lakes and Rivers saw a significant decrease in water pollution as the land around them started to thrive again as Mother Nature rose to her fullest stature.

In short, the entire planet had the chance to hit the ‘reset button’. 
Now, it is our responsibility to keep it on this healthier trajectory. The insights of the past year clearly show us that we must find a middle ground, where the dynamics between our man made and natural energies can co-exist.
Recovery is the unintended gift of the pandemic.

At Ever Bamboo - we have always seen the value in sustainable, renewable, and recyclable products. It is part of our story, and why we came to be. Our bamboo charcoal pouches - with proper care - last for up to a year, and then can be cut open to release the charcoal granules into our gardens, terrariums, or houseplants where they go on to regulate moisture in the soil. 

More and more of us are steering clear of harsh, chemical laden candles and toxic sprays to remove odours and must from our living spaces. Instead, we are ‘rethinking’ how we deal with stink. And we are doing so for ourselves, our families and our one and only planet.

Earth is our only home. It’s time we treat it with care and show it the love it deserves. If not now, when? 

Use the code EARTHDAY15 to receive 15% off our deodorizers and dehumidifiers. Valid until May 3, 2021.

Happy Earth Day from Ever Bamboo.
And remember - #RethinkTheStink


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