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It is NO secret that most of us were not sure this time would ever come, but alas, it seems that it is safe to travel and re-enter the world again! And what better time for this to come than the most anticipated of long weekends. Memorial Day Weekend.

The official kick off to the summer season seems to hold so much more value this year than it ever has. Finally, a sense of normalcy, and safety is so close we can touch it! With the vaccines being readily available, and restrictions for travel finally lifted, who isn’t excited to hit the road? 

Whether you are flying, driving, walking to the park or shore for a picnic, or hopping on a bus or a train to get where you need to go - Ever Bamboo wants you to take us with you! 

Now is the time to stock up on Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches to keep all the summer fun fresh and odour free. 

With our shoe deodorizers, fridge and freezer pouches, bin, closet and room products - You  can be focused on enjoying your food, travel and summer activities without worrying about humidity, must and odour stinking up your things. From Pet Beds and beach coolers, to summer totes and beach bags - Ever Bamboo Pouches will save the stinky day!

Every pouch is easy to keep activated by simply putting it in direct outdoor sunlight for 2 hours on each side after a month of heavy use. Doing this will keep the product good for up to one year! Then, after that, you can simply cut open the pouch and pour the activated bamboo charcoal granules into your garden to keep moisture in the soil regulated. Sustainable, Reusable and recyclable. WHAT is better than that!

To celebrate the holiday, Ever Bamboo is offering 15% off all of our deodorizers. Use the code SUMMERSALE15 at checkout, valid until June 7, 2021. We hope this will help start your summer off right. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and an adventurous, stink free summer!
Team EB


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