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Ok, maybe not all of it…

But sometimes the things we love most really can be a challenge for our noses!

So, we’ve compiled a helpful list of beloveds, and the most compatible pouch that will help them STAY beloved.

Let’s start with Spot. We LOVE Spot. Spot is cute. His stink? Not so much!
And Petunia the kitty? Let’s just say her litter box area has smelled better days. Enter the Room deodorizer. Just pop it in your furries favorite places to be and wella - Stink can’t get its paws on you!

Moving on to the house - where we have ALL been spending some extra time. We LOVE that our significant other has decided to take up gourmet cooking with all the extra time at home this year, but that curry concoction they cooked up? Let’s just say the lingering stink was not our favorite part. And when these smells get trapped in clothes? The Laundry Room may need a little extra love until wash time too. Enter Ever Bamboo Pouches for trash bins, hampers, fridge and freezer. Just pop a pouch, and wella - Suddenly, we are on board for the fresh fish we just picked up.

Now being that outdoor time has become most essential during the pandemic - we have truly come to LOVE and appreciate mother nature and all of her seasonal offerings. If you are fortunate enough to be in year round warm weather - chances are good that you have taken to the great outdoors or the sandy shores. As a result, you have probably discovered that must and humidity are two of the biggest stink makers in the business;) On the other hand, if you are like us, and find yourself in the middle of the frozen tundra (ok, more like one of the coldest winters ever) - perhaps hockey, skiing and sledding are filling your snow days. 

Whichever seasonal weather you find yourself in, Ever Bamboo has a pouch for you to just ‘pop’ where the stink hides, and chances are good that once you pop it in, you won’t want a permanent ‘break up’ with those stinky shoes, ice skates, gym bags, coolers, and hockey bags! 

So you see, while Ever Bamboo cannot save your stinky ‘love life’ - we most certainly can rescue the life you LOVE from stink!

To celebrate who and what you’re loving most these days, Ever Bamboo would like to give you a little love by offering YOU a little Valentine.  

Use VALENTINE15 to receive 15% off our deodorizers and dehumidifiers. Valid until February 22, 2021.

With love, and hopes that you will enjoy a STINK FREE VALENTINES DAY
Team EB


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