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A little shout out to YOUR testimonials, and the positive way our products have impacted your lives.

Believe it or not, the summer months are finally upon us after what feels like the never ending winter of 2020. It was then that we were hit with the ‘new normal’ of a global pandemic, and life as we had known it came to a screeching halt. Since then, many of us have had to adapt to a completely new way of living at home. With our kids out of school, offices closed, sports, entertainment and restaurant dining all on hold, we collectively made our way through these first few months of ‘social distancing’. And while it has not always been easy, we somehow continue to find our footing in this new world order.

In our last blog post “The Silver Lining” we focused on the positives - the acts of kindness, generosity, and good will that are often born of crises. We even received some wonderful comments on how much you enjoyed the perspective of the post, which highlighted the resiliency of the human spirit! (Thank you!)

We want to continue along that path, and this time, highlight the ‘good will’ that is coming from YOU, our valued customers and blog readers! Many of you, despite myriad distractions, have taken the time to write or call us, or comment across our social media pages to share your happy experiences with our Ever Bamboo products. Your positive reviews and feedback really means a lot to our entire team, who continues to work hard (safely, of course) to bring our products to you.

These days, it can be the smallest little things - like a compliment, or a genuine act of kindness - that can lift our spirits and make our days better. So for us, to receive these comments and testimonials saying that our Ever Bamboo products are helping you live a happier, stink free life? Well, that is everything we could have ever hoped for. Below are some of our favorites, filled with tips from our actual customers on how to use, enjoy and reap the benefits of our products. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

“Hope your company is ok during this critical time. Speaking of time, since I have a lot right now, I want to share a few things with you. You may want to share with your customers that your product works really well in a front load washer. After using my washing machine, I dry out the gasket, keep the door open and set my Ever Bamboo 200 gm deodorizer pouch in the machine. Now, I no longer have that moldy smell that can be common in front loaders! It really works GREAT! Another place where they are working well is my boat. There is always dampness and the potential for musty odours when something sits in water! Yet after scattering these aboard, those odours are now greatly reduced. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!!!! Stay healthy, follow the guidelines and I hope your business survives these difficult times.” ~ Kathy 


“I played high school volleyball, track & field, and soccer. I've always had a problem with my athletic shoes smelling so bad, they had to be kept on the deck outside. My mother brought home these Ever Bamboo shoe deodorizers hoping they would help. After using them for two days, my shoes were in the house again and no one has even noticed them. My bag and clothes no longer have the terrible stench of my shoes. I just put the deodorizers in my shoes after every event and don't have to worry about being noticed for anything other than being an athlete.” ~ Andrew, Calgary


“Love these Ever Bamboo bags. My home is 90 years old with a dirt cellar. At times, there is an odor that lingers regardless of what we do. The room deodorizers and dehumidifiers have rid my home of unpleasant odors! After a year of following the directions of recharging each pouch every two months under direct outdoor sunlight for 2 hours on each side, I disposed of the bags as directed. I did not purchase another set. The odor returned. I bought another set! Once again, the odour is gone! Thank you for making these - I love that they are natural and non toxic and get the job done! ~ Karie


“I ordered several of the 1kg bamboo charcoal pouches from Ever Bamboo to get rid of the chemical smell from new blinds that were installed. I am sensitive to that kind of stuff. They really helped!" ~ Marcia


“We have been using this product for about three years now and have never found anything superior. We love the spicy Korean Kim-Chi and always have a large container in our fridge. Before using this product we could find nothing that would absorb the strong smell! Now, we don't even know it's in the fridge. We try to make a point of using sustainable products when we can and this one is one of the best. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone and the fact that it is fully recyclable is just an added bonus. Being urban apartment dwellers we don't have a garden but when I replace my deodorizer, I give them to family members to add to their gardens as a great, green way to help the plants and soil.” ~ Glenn 


“After a good friend saw your segment on ‘Good Morning America’ - she ordered some bamboo charcoal pouches from your company. She had a hall closet that was overcome with a musty odour due to the dampness and humidity of coastal living - and had tried air freshener plug ins and sprays to no avail. After receiving the large room deodorizer, she popped it in. Within a few days, she raved and raved about how incredibly effective these were. She told me they were good for an entire year with proper care (which is so easy - pure sunlight!) and that the charcoal granules could then be recycled into the garden. She is a very picky and informed consumer, and I trust her. After hearing this, I was convinced and ordered some for my husband’s stinky golf shoes and my yoga bag. To put it bluntly, we could NOT be happier with the results. Thank you, Ever Bamboo for giving us this wonderful, natural, safe option to keep life stink free” - Elena


So, there you have it! A little more positivity to tuck away in the silver linings of these times. It has been our goal from the moment we launched almost 15 years ago, to make life a little less stinky - one bamboo charcoal pouch at a time.

Well, mission accomplished. And we couldn’t be happier.

Stay safe, be kind to one another, share the positive, believe in silver linings and have a

Happy, Stink Free DAY!

Team EB.


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