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The Silver Lining

...a reminder of hope in times of uncertainty.

Collectively, we are facing one of the most challenging times in our global humanity, and the effects of this pandemic will likely be with us for years to come. The normalcy of life as we once knew it seems long gone, and the days ahead often feel formidable.

The growing number of uncertainties leave us feeling helpless and depleted, and during these times of crisis, we look to each other to lean on as we tenderly find our footing, and adapt to this ‘new normal’.

While this can be challenging, it often forces the hand of our better nature. And what is emerging as a result is nothing short of miraculous. Here, in the midst of the most daunting of storm clouds, it is not the darkness that we find ourselves succumbing to, but rather the breathtaking light of The Silver Lining.

We humans often refer to the term ‘Silver Lining’ as a positive that comes from a negative. The triumphs born of tribulation. The love that surpasses the fear. In short - silver linings are the very best of the human condition. In these unprecedented times, we are being called upon to do things differently. To be still. To be mindful. To stay home. To be caring friends and family by doing things that seem counterintuitive - like staying AWAY from the people we love. To elevate to our best selves by being disciplined and decisive with self care, and care of the vulnerable among us.

And the glorious thing? We are rising to the challenge.

One of the most touching examples of this kind of Silver Lining is the #ClapBecauseWeCare movement. From the East Coast epicenter of NYC to the #ClapForCarers here in Vancouver, human beings are uniting behind the frontline heroes of healthcare - who courageously show up day after day, and night after night - to keep us safe despite myriad risks to their own well being. Communities have responded to this ultimate sacrifice. Each night at 7 pm, neighborhoods all across our great countries erupt in a thunderous applause to make their appreciation to the frontline workers known, and heard! It is a daily reminder of the better angels that walk amongst us, and a time to really reflect upon how heroic our healthcare workers are.

In European countries like Italy - neighbors flock to their balconies where they share wine and meals from across the tiny streets, and sing opera accompanied by the violins and trombones of their neighbors. The Silver Lining? A true appreciation of the little things we once took for granted! We have collectively come to realize that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Acts of Kindness are being seen everywhere! During any given news hour - we see countless examples of people who are paying it forward by doing things like covering a grocery bill for the person behind them in line. In hospitals, doctors have become nearly invisible because they are covered head to toe in hazmat gear. To counter this, and make patients feel more at ease while being treated, doctors and nurses have started a movement called #ShareYourSmiles - where a smiling picture of themselves with their name on it - is pinned to the front of their gear to forge a deeper human connection. This thoughtful, meaningful gesture is now going viral, and bringing comfort to all.

How wonderful is that!

We know our medical professionals are superheroes without capes - but they are not the only ones! In our communities, we see everyday heroes of our own. We see our local pharmacists at the drugstore at the ready to help. We see the brave delivery workers - undaunted - still delivering things we need like mail, meals, packages and groceries. The supermarket managers, store clerks and shelf stockers who show up day in and day out so that we can be sure to put food on the table. Our mechanics and transit drivers, and essential workers. All of them, still in the game to keep the world turning. Just stop and think for a moment, how different these times would be without them. They are in this moment, the extraordinary among us, and they truly deserve to be celebrated and thanked.

Finally, and perhaps the most wondrous thing to behold has been the response of Mother Nature! In photos, the difference between a city like Los Angeles 3 months ago and Los Angeles today is astounding. Once overcast with smog - the skies above L.A. have never been bluer! The usually bottlenecked highways like the 405 are empty - causing a decline in emissions so massive, it registers from SPACE!

Satellite imaging shows countries and cities once encased in a gray mass of pollution - now showing up crystal clear. Fish have returned to the great canals of Venice, Italy. Birds, bees and insects have begun to thrive again in their natural habitat. NASA says we have even closed a gaping hole in the ozone layer due to the drastic drop in global pollution.

 It’s almost as if Mother Earth is trying to tell us something. Are we listening?

Silver Linings serve as a constant reminder that times of crisis are also ripe with opportunity, and through them, we see the resolve and resilience of the human spirit. Events beyond our control may have temporarily put us on ‘pause’. But in return, we have been given the gifts of retrospect and reflection. May we use them well.


All of us at Ever Bamboo wish you good health, and many Silver Linings!

Stay strong, as this too shall pass.

Have a happy, stink free day!

Team E.B.

*special photo credit to @shannon_flavia for the artistic touch on @captain_wolf82 hazmat picture above. Thank you to @clapbecausewecare for their pic too. Our artists and creatives make everything more beautiful and we so appreciate you!

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