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Ok. Let’s just be honest. With Halloween upon us this weekend, it’s pretty safe to say that skipping it shouldn’t feel like the worst thing in the world - as we have been wearing masks and stuffing our faces with candy for 10 months now! 

That said, we can still find a little room for dressing up and having fun at home (candy optional!) But there IS one thing that this crazy unprecedented time has NOT affected - and that is life’s stinky stuff.

As the weather gets chillier for many of us - we are scrambling to bask in the last few weeks of mild weather - which means household chores may take a backseat. Perhaps the laundry pile sits a little longer. The fridge goes a few extra days without disposing of the now ‘ghoulish’ smelling leftovers. Heck we find ourselves struggling to take out the trash some days! (Sorry noses!) And don’t even get us started on the state of our closets!

So while the Halloween costumes may be a little less spooky this year  - the shadows of stink are still lurking in the background. Luckily, the ghostbusters of must and odour have arrived in the form of Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches. 

We promise just one pouch in the smelly fridge or trash bin, the closet, the laundry basket or the gym bag will scare the stink away for good. And the best part? They last for a full year with proper care (direct outdoor sunlight for 2 hours on each side) and the pouches can be cut open to release the charcoal granules into your gardening soil where they will continue to regulate moisture. Hello lucky plants! (Lucky bamboo plant that is!)

So while trick or treating may not be on the docket this year - We trick you not with a special Halloween TREAT for your goody bag. ENJOY 10% OFF with code BOOO10 on our deodorizer & dehumidifier products. Valid until November 9, 2020.

Have a Happy, Stink Free Halloween!

Team Ever BamBOOOOO!


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