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The Gift of Gratitude

To say 2020 has been a year unlike any other we have known is an understatement. Globally, it will go down in history as one of the most challenging and deeply riveting chapters we have ever collectively experienced. And for those of us who have lost loved ones or witnessed them suffer from the pandemic, or contended it with it ourselves, we do not need to be told why. But what we all may need right about now is a simple reminder that even amidst our hardships - there remains much to be grateful for.

As The Holiday Season nears - we may be suffering from a lack of enthusiasm given the new lockdowns and resurgences of the virus nearly everywhere. We may feel the weight of loneliness, and the sadness of not being able to gather in person with loved ones. We may be nostalgic for holidays past that perhaps we took for granted. But if we have learned one thing from this pandemic - it is that our happiness and our actual survival depends upon one simple fundamental thing. The ability to adapt.

Adapting is not always comfortable, enjoyable or easy - but to put it bluntly - it must be done. That leads us to the second thing our survival rests upon. Each other.

As we all continue to come to terms with this new normal for Thanksgiving - a time when families and friends have traditionally trekked across the country to gather for a long weekend of food, fun and holiday cheer - there may be a gnawing feeling that there is not as much to be thankful for this year. But maybe, just maybe we would be wrong. What if this year we give thanks to a new found perspective - gratitude itself.

What if this year - instead of focusing on what we are missing - we focus on what we have gained. (and no, we DON'T mean the quarantine weight!) 

What if in these moments of reflection - we were thankful for the patience and self awareness we have acquired. What if we were thankful for our resilience, and our determined perseverance. What if we were grateful for the simple pleasures of more shared time as a family. What if we truly for the first time came to understand how crucial it is to our survival as human beings to love and care for one another without condition. What if the things are that we previously took for granted - like stocked grocery shelves, the mailman, delivery drivers are now things we have come to truly value and appreciate. What if for the very first time we truly see up close, the risks that doctors, nurses, caregivers and essential workers take day after day so that we may still have some semblance of normal. What if our hearts and minds were opened to things we never took the time to look at, or do something about. And what if for the first time in our lives - the everyday things we took for granted suddenly became gifts we didn’t even realize we had been receiving.

Isn’t that in itself SO MUCH to be thankful for?

One thing that has become crystal clear during this time is how very much we NEED and depend on one another to do the right things at the right time. This is no small feat. This is no small task. In fact it may well be the greatest thing we as human beings have accomplished this year. And perhaps it is the very thing we should be most thankful for.

Yes, humans. We can do hard things. And in the hard things we undertake, there is often an unexpected silver lining that reveals itself on the other side. It teaches us that we can pull from reserves of strength and selflessness we didn’t even know we had. Is that not a reason to take heart and be grateful? We feel fairly certain it is.

So as many of us make the choice to give ‘home for the holidays’ a brand new meaning - and do our part to keep each other safe - keep in mind that missing a holiday gathering is much better than missing a loved one the next time we gather.

And on that note, we celebrate yet another thing to be grateful for during this time. Technology! If distance were measured in terms of the heart, our loved ones are only a zoom call apart:)

And last but not least, Ever Bamboo remains grateful for YOU, our valued customers. We have never appreciated you more - and to show you our thanks, we are offering 15% OFF our deodorizer & dehumidifier products until Dec 7th with the code THANKSGIVING15. 

After all, even though this pandemic stinks - your holidays at home don’t have to. (And yes, we also remain grateful for keeping a sense of humor…)

Have a Happy, Safe, Stink Free Thanksgiving - wherever it may find you this year.
Team EB


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