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June 22, 2018


An Ever Bamboo Tale

Hello Everyone and Happy Summer!

As school wraps up for the year, and the long awaited summer holiday begins, we excitedly step into the season of damp swimsuits, musty coolers, stinky kicks and excess humidity! Now we think you should be able to enjoy these summer delights without the foul odours that often put a damper on our fun. And apparently, so do you!

One of the things that has always been of the utmost importance to us here at Ever Bamboo, is YOU, our valued customers, and your overall satisfaction with our products. Now sure, we can tell you a million times about how incredibly AWESOME our bamboo charcoal pouches are for removing must and odour, and the moisture that comes with it. And yes, we can go on and on about how wonderful it is to use an all natural, one ingredient (bamboo charcoal) product that actually eliminates, not masks, the unpleasant stinks that affect our belongings, homes and pets.

And you betcha’ we will proudly tout the ease and affordability of a product that is reusable for up to a full year by simply recharging the pouch with 2 hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side. And of course we will brag about the fact that the pouches are easily recycled by releasing the charcoal granules into your house-plants, terrariums, or gardens where they go on to regulate moisture in the soil.

Rest assured that we will repeatedly remind you how wonderful it is for the environment to be able to ‘rethink’ how you deal with ‘stink’ by using a sustainable, reusable, recyclable product with zero toxic chemicals or harsh perfumes. OR, we can just hand the reins of this month’s blog over to an actual, real life, satisfied customer - who just happens to manage a store for one of our favorite retailers in Canada - Burnaby’s Running Room.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful video from Jessica, a one time skeptic, who is now a believer in all things Ever Bamboo, whose life (and stinky running sneakers) were forever changed for the better after her very first use.

PS: We strongly encourage you to put us to the test too. We promise to pass with flying colors!


Have a happy stink free summer!

Stay cool, and dry,

Team EB

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May 13, 2018

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Happy Mother's Day!

Psst! We KNOW you deserve more than ONE day.

On Sunday, we celebrate one of the most important days of the year for one of the most important people in our lives. Our mothers.

Think about it, if you are reading this, your Mom is half of the very reason you exist!

If we have been lucky in life, our mothers have helped us to become the fine human beings we are today. With unconditional love and support as a provider, nurturer, and continual champion of our journey, being a MOM is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding feats any woman could undertake. It’s a full time job with zero days off. So Mom, we tip our hats to you.

At Ever Bamboo, we think the role of MOTHER is akin to Super-Shero status. So this year, we want to celebrate, and thank the incredible moms who help make Ever Bamboo a better place to work, and be. They take great pride in their work here at Ever Bamboo, because they know that what they do is a contribution to a greener, more sustainable planet that their children will inherit. (There is a reason we call it MOTHER NATURE!)

So we want to introduce you to some of our beloved moms, who are raising remarkable little humans, all while helping the world “Rethink The Stink” one pouch at a time.

Meet Pam And Lindsey. Pam is the mother of a boy and a girl, ages 9 and 11. Lindsey has her hands full with 3 boys ages 3, 9 and 10! Together, they run a tight ship for us in our small Dallas warehouse. Because of them, your Ever Bamboo products are packed and sent off with lots of mom approved love and care. We feel so lucky to have them, and asked them what it was like to work as part of Team E.B. - “It’s great to work for a company that provides recyclable products that are useful in our day to day lives. Between our two families, we have 5 children and that means a LOT of stinky shoes! So naturally, we are especially grateful for the awesome shoe products that are nothing short of small miracles! We also love that Ever Bamboo allows a flexible work schedule for two busy moms from Texas!”

Now, say hello to Rebecca! She is an administrative assistant from Calgary, and works from home part time while raising a beautiful 9 year old boy. We are so grateful to her for getting the day to day tasks done for us efficiently. These are her thoughts on being part of Team E.B. - “I’m truly thankful that I get to work for a company like Ever Bamboo. It makes me feel so good as a mom to know my work contributes to a greener, more sustainable world for my son to grow up in. The whole line of Ever Bamboo products are so easy to use, and reuse - and the fact that they last a year, and can then be recycled? Well, what’s better than that!”

Meet Dorothy. She is hands on at our company warehouse in Vancouver, and oversees logistics while raising two beautiful boys, ages 6 and 7. Keeping busy is her middle name! Here’s her take on being a working mom for a company she believes in. - “What I love most about working for Ever Bamboo is that the products are something I use at home every single day. Raising two boys means LOTS of stink, and it feels good knowing that these bamboo charcoal pouches are made from one natural ingredient that is safe, and EFFECTIVE!”

And finally, say hello to Elsa, another one of our part time administrative assistants who works from home in Vancouver, and is mom to a 4 year old girl and a 7 year old boy. What Elsa seems to love most about the product is the way it truly lessens her family’s carbon footprint. - “I have always liked the philosophy of ReThink, ReUse, ReCycle. I get to work for a company that contributes to the betterment of our families and our planet by creating safe, sustainable, recyclable products! I want my kids to learn how to be conscious. To see that choices matter, and that the products we choose to use have the capacity to greatly affect the planet for better or for worse. I want to show them how to respect the ‘mother’ of all mothers…. Mother Earth”

Well, we could not have said it better ladies. Thank you for being YOU!

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to our thoughtful, hard working Moms here at Ever Bamboo, and to all of the glorious Mothers out there making the world a brighter, better, (and less stinky) place for your children, families and pets.

We see you. We appreciate you. And we THANK YOU.


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April 24, 2018


What a Wonderful World (Celebrating Earth Week)

“I see trees of green, red roses too

I see them bloom for me and you

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white

The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

  • Louis Armstrong

For centuries, our beloved writers, poets and artists have celebrated the complex wonders of our earth. Life as we know it on our planet is both a miraculous, and scientific wonder. The intricate workings of nature, and its elements, continues to amaze us all. Surely nothing is more important than sustaining and preserving Mother Earth for our future generations to enjoy. Yet we find ourselves increasingly aware that our actions as human beings sometimes make this difficult. So all month long, we are celebrating Earth Day at Ever Bamboo, and we would like to help us all stay mindful of the simple things we can do as earthlings to make our carbon footprint smaller, while making our sustainable impact bigger.  


Bike, walk and take public transit.

What better way to accomplish a whole lot of good things at once!

Reducing fumes and pollution by biking or taking public transportation, is not only good for the planet, it’s good for our physical and mental health. Choosing to take the train, carpool, or ride a bike, allows for appreciating things we otherwise might miss. The new coffee shop that opened on the corner, the scent of spring blooming before our eyes, and the reduction of stress and anxiety just to name a few. So use your alternatives as you see fit, and BE fit!

Reusable totes and biodegradable containers.

Many states and countries have implemented bans on things like plastic bags and take out containers. Our oceans and its inhabitants are literally being destroyed by man made pollution and debris. Simple things like canvas totes and reusable shopping bags have revolutionized how we shop. Even restaurants are getting in on the game. On a recent outing, we experienced a carton made of pulp and seed that could be replanted! INCREDIBLE!


There is a BIN for EVERYTHING!

Compost. Compact. Sort. RECYCLE! There is literally a way to sustainably break down almost everything we humans use, or consume. Landfills are increasingly toxic, and cause a myriad of unpleasantries. So staying conscious about recycling is one of the most impactful ways we can preserve the planet.



You know those incredible bulk bins at big box stores, and many of our grocery stores? USE THEM. Storing food in reusable glass instead of buying them in cheaply made food containers, will keep our families and pets safe from the leaching of BPA and other toxins found in plastic. And speaking of glass, another great trick? Wash and keep the glass jars you buy certain foods in, and use them for storage and prepared food. It saves money and time, and those are things everyone would be thrilled to have more of!

Do It Yourself!

Cut down on toxic chemicals and plastic consumption by using household staples like white vinegar, baking soda and essential oils for making homemade,effective cleaning solutions for kitchens and bathrooms.

The results will amaze you. And your respiratory system will thank you!



Did you know that one of the most cost effective and natural ways to keep your home full of fresh, clean air is to have the right houseplants. Pothos and the Peace Lily Plant are two of our favorites. They remove allergens, and air pollutants, such as acetone, benzene and formaldehyde, all while being able to thrive in areas lacking in sunlight. Not only are they beautiful, they work incredibly hard while remaining extremely easy to maintain. So this spring as you prepare your garden, treat yourself to an indoor oasis of purer air as well!

And finally, we implore you to #RethinkTheStink with EVER BAMBOO! Our bamboo charcoal pouches can be reactivated every month in pure outdoor sunlight, which keeps them working hard for up to one year of use, after which, the charcoal granules can be recycled right into your houseplants or gardening soil to regulate moisture.

It really IS A Wonderful World! Take good care of it, EARTHLINGS!

Have a happy, stink free day!

Team EB


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March 17, 2018


What’s Green and Lucky in the month of March?

Hint: It’s NOT what you think!

Well it’s that time of the year again. Spring beckons! From the peeping up of crocuses, to the over-saturation of St. Patty’s Day decor and all its shenanigans, GREEN and LUCK are the much celebrated themes of March.

Now for many, the most festive March holiday by far would have to be St. Patty’s Day.

Even if you don’t celebrate the saint himself, you certainly partake in the symbolism of the day.

We know St. Patty has his shamrock, which is said to bring luck and good fortune to all. And culturally, we have come to look forward to the festive pints of green beer, Leprechaun hats, and corned beef & green cabbage.

But can we just acknowledge for a moment that ‘Green and Lucky’ applies to more than this beloved Irish Saint and his four leaf clover?

Time to discover the household joys of LUCKY BAMBOO!

If you enjoy our products and follow our blog, you know that moso bamboo is what we use to make our Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches to deodorize and dehumidify all the sneaky places where stink lives. But today, in honor of the very green and lucky month of March, we wanted to celebrate OUR favourite charm - Lucky Bamboo.

In Chinese culture, Lucky Bamboo is seen as a symbol of virtue. It is said to reflect the inner landscape of people's souls and emotions, and is often looked upon as a token of traditional Chinese values. Considered a small but thoughtful gift said to bestow good fortune upon special life events, the nature of bamboo’s ‘luck’ is measured in stalks.

For example, a plant of two stalks would be the perfect little housewarming gift for newlyweds to bring love and luck to the marriage. A plant of three stalks bestows happiness, and is the most popular by far. But four stalks? Good luck (no pun) even finding it, as it is believed by some to draw negative energy and is rarely ever given! So be sure to take STALK of your offering ;)

Another wonderful thing about Lucky Bamboo is it’s important role in Feng Shui.

Feng (wind) Shui (water) — is the ancient Chinese practice of placement of structures and things to enhance the flow of chi (life force or spiritual energy), and create harmonious environments that support happiness, health, abundance and peace. In the Lucky Bamboo plant, the five elements of Feng Shui are all present (or symbolically represented) in each plant.

  • Wood – The wood element is in the form of the stalks of bamboo.
  • Earth – The tiny brown rocks or pebbles that support the plant inside the container.
  • Water – The element in which the bamboo itself grows.
  • Fire – That little red ribbon or other red adornment that you often find on the plant’s stem or base? This is to represent fire.
  • Metal – A metal, glass or ceramic container is often used to house the plant. Glass is considered part of the metal element, and if the container is ceramic, a coin can often be found on the bottom to represent the metal element.

This beautiful plant is a simple, yet beautiful way, to incorporate and elevate the good juju in your home or work space, while bringing harmony and luck to those who receive it. So eat your heart out St. Patty! We’ve got this one covered.

Have a happy stink free day,

Team Ever Bamboo & our very LUCKY Bamboozler.

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February 13, 2018


Love is a many splendid STINK.

It’s been said that all you need is LOVE. LOVE is the answer. LOVE conquers all. But we have news for you. It won’t conquer stink! And ‘stink’ is often very much a part of the things and people we love!

Take, for example, how you love and admire your partner’s commitment to stay fit at the gym. While it’s good to be buff, stink calls their bluff in what seems to be the world’s most unfit, (for the human nose that is!) gym bag EVER. And while your heart swells with pride cheering on your kids as they get down and dirty for the love of the game, sadly, only your nose swells when a you catch a whiff of apres’ victory or defeat in the foyer day after day. And then there is Fido the pooch and Morris the cat. We love nothing like we love our furry family members - but while they are adorable, their stink is not. We haven’t even gotten to the stinky trash bin and refrigerator yet, but we think you’ve got the idea.

So while we choose love to conquer all, we must choose something else to conquer stink!

Now in the olden, glory days of love, one would reach for a well marketed ‘deodorizing’ scented candle or a ‘smell this not that’ aerosol spray to mask those unwanted smells. But now, as we collectively (and lovingly) rethink how we tackle stink, we understand that these old methods are full of toxic chemicals that are unsafe for our beloveds! What’s worse? They do not not eliminate must and odours. They simply mask it.

Luckily (as bamboo would have it) there is a new way to embrace and conquer stink, while keeping our love alive and well. Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches.

Just a single pouch with one natural, safe, single ingredient (bamboo charcoal) can single handedly eliminate some of the wrath of life’s stinky stuff. Placed in a gym bag (or boot, shoe, drawer, closet, bin, fridge or near Fido’s favourite spot or Morris’s litter box). Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches will keep odours and must at bay wherever they reside, for two solid months! But that’s not all this little love warrior will do. With 2 hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side, each Ever Bamboo pouch will be reactivated and ready to fight must and odour for another 2 months. Better yet? With proper care, a single pouch will last up to a full year! 

A FULL YEAR! Let’s face it - sometimes LOVE doesn’t even last that long! But in all fairness, maybe they just didn’t know about Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches. So for the sake of true LOVE, spread the word. Share the pouch. Keep it fresh. Have a happy, stink free Valentines Day!

LOVE, TeamEB #RethinkTheStink

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December 14, 2017

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A (stink free) Christmas Story.

Once upon a time in a home much like yours

The North Pole Elves were busy doing Christmas chores.

When what to their chilly red noses appear?

A mysterious stink whose origin is unclear.


They tried a candle to mask the smell.

But my friends, for them, it simply didn’t end well.

The toxic perfumes and dyes and scents

Had them blowing it out without making a dent.


They next tried a spray, as surely this will do.

But over 80 toxic chemicals filled the air too!

Disheartened and tired of simply masking the stink

Someone exclaimed “it’s TIME TO RETHINK!”


A wiser elf, now seeing their dismay

Spoke of Ever Bamboo to keep stink away.

“It’s bamboo charcoal - all by itself.

It pulls must and odour from the air” said this elf.


“This rapidly growing plant, known as moso bamboo -

Is reactivated by sunlight, and recyclable too!

A million porous holes eliminates, not masks.

And makes worrying about STINK a thing of Christmases past”


The happy elves cheered when they finally understood

“Here’s a product that works, and does pets and people GOOD”

So off they went with a newfound goal.

To fill everyone’s stockings with Santa’s Good Lumps of Coal!


As they loaded the sleigh they told the reindeer

“We’ve a pouch of good fortune that lasts the whole year!”

...and I heard them exclaim as they rode out of sight

“Not a stink to be found on this Merry Christmas Night”


So the moral of the story my dear ReThinkers,

Is that even Santa’s elves don’t wanna be stinkers.

So cross stink off your list and check it twice.

And give the gift of a room that smells nice:)

Happy Holiday Season From The Bamboozler and Team Ever Bamboo!

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November 21, 2017



It is the single most important thing in life that makes living worthwhile.

With gratitude, we lay the foundation for kindness, compassion, and grace. We know that without it, we gain nothing, and with it, we find abundance in everything. We give. We receive. We repeat. By doing so, we come to know joy and fullness in a way that nothing else can give us.

There is a special day to celebrate this beautiful word. Thanksgiving! And with the holiday season fast upon us, this is the time of year we all take a little extra time to count the many blessings we have to be truly thankful for. A cozy table of food and drink surrounded by loved ones and pets. New memories in the making and old ones served up with warmth and sentiment. The sound of crackling fireplaces burning, and the wafting delights of pies in the oven. The musty smell of old winter wear and musty mothball smelling sweaters and hats…. …..Wait. WHAT? Hold up! We must-a misunderstood.

Who invited odour and must to the party!?

No one. But it’s going to make itself right at home this time of year. You need help, and to the rescue comes Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches.

Whether it is the overstuffed fridge turning your leftovers into left-odours, the musty closets and drawers, or the damp shoes and boots piled up in the mudroom, Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are at the ready to fight back and keep your holiday season smelling the luscious way it should.

With one ingredient and zero toxic chemicals, Ever Bamboo is the clear choice for those who wish to #RethinkTheStink.

Why? Because we have a funny feeling you are not grateful for the fake scents that often overwhelm us as they mask, rather than eliminate odours. We are also pretty sure you would not be grateful for the many harsh chemicals found in scented candles and sprays. And we are all but certain that what you would be grateful for is a reusable, recyclable product with one natural ingredient (bamboo charcoal) that is always safe for pets, people, and all that yummy turkey and trimmings.

WIth a single pouch, odours and must are pulled from the air by the billions of tiny porous holes that occur naturally in bamboo charcoal, leaving nothing but the scent of LIFE as it should be, not as stink makes it!

We think that is something to be truly grateful for. And to show OUR gratitude to you, we want to give you some stink free holiday savings.

With BlackFriday right around the corner, now is the time to think about putting a little coal in your loved one’s stockings. Bamboo CharCOAL that is!

Enjoy the savings below, and have a truly happy, stink free Thanksgiving.


Gobble Gobble,

Team EB

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October 30, 2017


A Haunting Stink? ...

BamBOOzle it!!!

With the ghouls and goblins of All Hallows Eve fast approaching, there is one particular spook that seems to show up unannounced on the regular no matter the trick OR the treat! STINK!

The Autumnal bliss of the season is now in full swing with all of the bewitching scents we have come to love and anticipate - like pumpkin spice everything - and a few that we unfortunately do not, like that leftover half eaten lunch that sits in your little goblin’s lunch bag a day too long! Quick changes into sports gear often find lockers and gym bags stuffed to the rim with dirty clothes and and all the ghosts of smelly things past left behind by the very busy lives of young academia. All of this Brouhaha amounts to some very haunting stink!

Worry not, for here to slay the stink is Ever Bamboo. Just one bamboo charcoal pouch in a gym bag, locker, or a pair of musty kicks, can absorb moisture and dank odours that pile up to make a real stinker out of your little thinker! The millions of tiny porous holes in bamboo charcoal are the ‘black magic’ that makes those ghastly ghouls of stink disappear. And with proper care, those ghouls stay gone for a full year!

But beware the eternal spirits of the Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches! Tis said in modern folklore (and scientific research) that they indeed go on to (GASP!) the afterlife!

Yes, you read that correctly. An afterlife. But don’t be spooked. It is in fact the exact opposite of a ‘grave’ situation. Just cut open the pouches and mix the granules into your potting soil where they will then resurrect themselves to regulate moisture in your garden or houseplants. Like a night ride through Sleepy Hollow, your mums and fall flowers will be spellbound!

And as for stink? May it R.I.P.

Happy Halloween from Ever BamBOO!

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October 03, 2017


Time to remember the stinks of September!!!

Ahhh, September! Now depending on your perspective, September either fills you with autumnal excitement and anticipation, or leaves you wistfully longing for the lazy dog days of summer. The latter of course, would be coming from the youthful bright eyed hope of the future, while the former has parents everywhere doing the ‘back to school’ happy dance. What is for certain is that no matter which sentiment you take, STINK inevitably awaits in lunch boxes, gym bags, school lockers and heaps of dirty sports clothes. And THAT is nothing to cheer about!

Rah rah sis boom BLAH!

Much to our surprise, the mysterious and unidentified spills in lunch bags often leave behind pesky odours (hello Ever Bamboo Fridge & Freezer pouches!) And let’s not even get started on the STINK of team spirit. Those laundry baskets and gym bags cry foul after every game, and there are no extra points for stinky damp sneakers and shoes! Summer surf is replaced by football turf, and often your locker finds itself doing overtime in between washings! (Ever Bamboo Sports pack anyone?) I suppose you don’t need a play by play, but it’s safe to say that Ever Bamboo will even the score!

So relax. We’ve got this.

Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are safe and effective for every stink under the sun, (and even the ones stuffed in a locker that may never see the light of day!)

Our deodorizing and dehumidifying bamboo charcoal pouches eliminate dampness and odour, and doesn’t mask them with nasty chemicals and toxins often found in sprays and plug-ins. Not only are they made of one natural ingredient (Bamboo Charcoal), they are safe to be around food, people and pets! And the best part? Just a few hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side every two months of use reactivates the pouch, allowing them to “bamboozle’ must and odour for a full year. In fact, by the time you start thinking of your summer garden, the pouches can be cut open to release the granules into your gardening soil (or houseplants and terrariums) and go on to regulate moisture in the soil for stronger, healthier plants.

So while your kids are hitting the books, kicking the balls, and lugging around the sneakers and skates, you can be kicking odour and must to the curb! Now that is a game changer, wouldn’t you say?

Rethink. Reuse. Recycle. Easy as 1, 2, 3 for a win all year long!


Have a happy, stink free day! 

Team EB

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August 11, 2017


The eternal life of Bamboo Charcoal...  😇

Rethink. Reuse. RECYCLE.

There are many things we take great pride in at Ever Bamboo. We love that Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are safe, non toxic, and contain only one ingredient. We adore the fact that a single pouch lasts for up to a year when proper care is taken to recharge it every 2-3 months in direct sunlight on each side. But the thing we love the most is that after a full year of extraordinary stink stupefying and humidity heroics, the bamboo charcoal granules that make up each pouch go on to their very own version of (gasp!) “the afterlife” in your gardening soil or house plants!

YES! You heard correctly! Even after a full year of use and recharging, these powerful little granules still possess the ability to regulate moisture in soil to make your garden veggies more vibrant and your plants and flowers healthy and hearty!

How you ask?


The millions of tiny porous holes in that are naturally occurring in the bamboo charcoal granules deter pests and absorb excessive moisture in the soil (especially ideal for delicate plants such as orchids). In turn, if the soil becomes too dry, the charcoal will discharge its own moisture and help maintain the very delicate balance of life in the garden or terrarium. So even if you lack a ‘green thumb’, you now have a green ally to get the job done!

At Ever Bamboo, we believe when you know better, you do better. Making wiser choices for you and your family, pets and home has never been easier. And just knowing that you are no longer contributing an empty can of toxic ingredients to a landfill somewhere is enough to make you feel like a green super hero! (Or as we like to call him, the stink BAMBOOZLER!)

Want a reminder to re-activate and recycle?
Sign up for our email reminder via this link:

So remember to RECYCLE your Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches, and have a happy stink free day!

Team EB (and of course our very own superhero of stink ...The Bamboozler!)