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What is Ever Bamboo most grateful for?

What is Ever Bamboo most grateful for? YOU, and BAMBOO!

The holiday season is officially upon us! Thanksgiving in particular often finds us taking pause to count the blessings in our lives. From the simple things like a roof over our heads and a warm bed, to dear friends and family who provide constant love and support throughout the year, we surely find much to be grateful for. In a world of over saturated material goods, it’s nice to stop and appreciate the endless little things we take for granted in our daily lives. And during this time of year especially, we at Ever Bamboo want to take a moment to show our gratitude for the two things that make us who we are. YOU, and BAMBOO!

Let’s face it, without YOU and BAMBOO, we wouldn’t be here:)

Rapidly growing moso bamboo flourishes and thrives in a manner which allows for constant renewal and reuse. From the bamboo forests of the world come so many incredible things. Its strength and resilience has found remarkable purpose in everything from furniture and buildings, to clothing and carpets. Its plants are said to bring luck and good fortune when placed in our homes. And of course our very favourite use of bamboo - Bamboo Charcoal - has now integrated into things we use daily, such as shampoos, soaps, deodorants and cosmetics, and of course OUR favourite - pouches for air purifying! The multifaceted use of Bamboo Charcoal has changed all of our lives for the better. Knowing that this powerful little granule can defy the destructive properties of humidity, as well as purify air by removing odours and must, make it one of the ‘green’ darlings of our generation.

The cost effectiveness of using bamboo charcoal is also unmatched, in that our pouches can be recharged for up to a year simply by placing them in direct sunlight on each side for 2-3 hours every two months. This alone saves hundreds of dollars compared to other conventional, but unhealthy methods of deodorizing. Now, toxic chemicals found in sprays and candles are no longer the only game in town for effectively fighting STINK!

Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches have put a new and welcome spin on eco-friendly living over the past decade. We are so grateful to be able to offer a less impactful carbon footprint on the planet, and so thankful that you continue to “PICK” us over and over again : )

As for the most important reason we give thanks? It is YOU, our valued customer!

Getting to know so many of you over the years via our appearances on The View and Good Morning America, social media, and personal customer interactions, has brought such joy to our tight knit Ever Bamboo Family.

Knowing that our bamboo charcoal pouches help you live a cleaner, more eco friendly life brings us the kind of purpose and fulfillment that every small business hopes for. We see how much you care about your choices, and what you bring into your homes, and the lives of your family and pets. We know that happy, healthy humans live happier, healthier lives. So to you, our valued, stink defying bamboozlers, we say from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

To show our gratitude, use promo code THX2018 to receive 15% off the product of your choice (valid until Dec 3).

May your holiday season be healthy, happy and STINK FREE!

Team E.B.


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