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For this, the most wonderful time of the year, we have written a holiday song of our own to celebrate the (sometimes smelly) Holiday season! We hope you enjoy it, and wish you all a very happy, festive, safe, memorable and STINK FREE holiday season.


Please join us for a sing along to the tune of JINGLE BELLS!

Dashing ‘round the house.

The holidays are here.

Guests arriving soon

For the best time of the year.


But sometimes there is stink

That hides without a sound.

Escaping from the little things

we leave lying around. OH!


Jingle bells. Something smells!

Musty damp and foul!


Could it be


hiding in your gym bag towel - HEY!


Jingle bells. Something smells

Of lingering must, and gloom.


Could it be, that stinky tee

From the laundry room -OH?


Jingle bells. something smells!

WAIT! Is that my shoe?


Don’t you fear, Ever Bamboo is here

Giving must and odours the BOOT!

Life can really stink.

So it’s time we all ‘rethink’

The way we deal with smells

That hide inside our house.


Candles may shine bright

And a spray may smell alright

But masking doesn’t STOP THAT STINK

From ruining the night - OH!


Jingle bells, something smells

But it’s no match for us.

From stinky trash to smelly cats

Just pop a pouch and trust - HEY!


Hide one here. Stick one there

And soon stink will be gone.

Another year of stink free christmas cheer

So PUT the cocoa on.


Have a happy, stink free, and MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM EVER BAMBOO!

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