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It’s SPRING! And flowers aren’t the only thing to pop.

Hello Ever Bamboo’ers!

We hope this finds you well, and may we be the first to say - HAPPY SPRING!

Slowly but surely, we will begin to see the long awaited spattering of vibrant spring colors across our landscapes. From cherry blossoms, to daffodils, to the first true sign of spring - the crocus - our senses reawaken as nature pops in all of her uncompromised glory. 

As we stand in awe of the rebirth all around us, we are inspired by a sense of revival and renewal. That same inspiration often becomes the premise for the annual (and unavoidable) ‘spring clean’.

Love it or hate it, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you freshen up your routine, and make sure that winter dank and musty stinks see their way out the door! And for that, flowers aren’t the only thing poppin’.

A few things we love to do for a spring clean is to declutter, re-organize and refresh our living space. From turning out drawers and dressers to freshening up stinky gym bags and spring kicks in waiting, Ever Bamboo makes all natural, one ingredient, bamboo charcoal deodorizers in all sizes to fit in any space where stink has settled in. And knowing that they last for up to a year, and are reactivated by direct outdoor sunlight every few months gives them the sunniest disposition that a ‘spring clean’ has ever seen!

Now is the perfect time to ‘Pop A Pouch’ to keep stink at bay. Our tiny little charcoal granules pack a punch, and here are a few ways that we like to put them to work.

  • Stick a few in our winter boots to keep them fresh over the summer months.
  • We pop a pouch in our car under the backseat where Spot likes to chill on the way to the park. Spot is cute. His stink is not :) And our pouches are people AND pet safe.
  • There is always a pouch in our fridge & freezer so that leftovers don’t become leftodours!
  • And just so stink doesn’t get you by the drawers, we pop a pouch in every dresser and linen cupboard to keep our threads fresh. And who wants to be hung up on the stink in their closet? Yup. We have a pouch for that too!
  • Oh, and finally, have we mentioned that we’ve never met a smelly gym bag that wasn’t happy to see us? You won’t either.

So there you have it. A few effortless happy hacks to make your spring cleaning as simple as popping a pouch. Let us know how and where YOU pop one. Send a picture to, and maybe we will feature YOUR ‘pop a pouch’ Spring hack on our instagram!

And speaking of spring things - how about A Spring Fling under some new sheets?

(Frisky, we know!)

Until March 29th, we are having a PRE-SALE EVENT - ENJOY 30 % OFF our Naturelle Bamboo Bed Sheets Set - made from 100% silky soft rayon lyocell from organic bamboo fiber. No dyes. No bleach. Just pure, breathable comfort that is especially good for, and gentle to sensitive skin. Sweet Dreams are made of these. No REALLY!




Sweet Dreams are made of these. No REALLY!

Happy Spring Flinging!

May your days be fresh and stink free,

Team EB

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Ever Bamboo
Ever Bamboo

August 30, 2019

yes, our Ever Bamboo pouch would definitely absorb the smell of cigarette.


May 17, 2019

L want to know il the bambou is good for the smell of cigarette?

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