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The Legend of Stinky Hollow

As told By The BamBOOzler (because his middle name is BOO!)


Once upon a time in a land far from here -
lived a little Bamboozler that STINK would come to fear.

As a young hearty plant he grew strong and fierce -
but his mission was clear. The clouds of STINK must be pierced!
So like a phoenix rising from his very own ash,
he became bamboo charcoal with the heat of a flash.

His might was repurposed into teeny tiny coals.  Which pulled moisture and odour through his teeny tiny holes.

A great and mighty force was this bamboo charcoal King.
Known all across the land for the freshness he would bring.

He spooks away odours like a ghost in the night,
as the ghouls of fall STINK briskly take flight.

He doesn’t MASK odours despite Halloween’s allure.
He ELIMINATES them, and keeps the air pure!

He slays ghouls of dampness, and minions of must.
Saving closets, bins, and places spooky stink lusts.

Into the freezer, the fridge, and the drawers.
Like a ghostbuster of STINK, he gives musty odours pause.
Though exhausted he may be from working so hard.
He recharges in the sunlight of your own backyard.
Month after month, for up to a year,
the magical stink fighting wonders appear.

And when he and his pouch reach the end of his toil,
his granules go on to regulate moisture in soil.
So you see my friends, he’s a supernatural delight!
Just put him where you need him - morning, noon or night.
And your life, once haunted, with goblins of stink.
Have been put to rest because you CHOSE to rethink!
Happy Halloween from Team E.B. and the BamBOOzler

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