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Lesson 1: Going back to school doesn’t have to STINK!

Hello Rethinkers!

Well, if you are like us here at Ever Bamboo, you probably have whiplash from the blistering speed at which summer has gone by. And while we are always a little sorry to see it go, there is something very exciting and sentimental about September, and the start of ‘back to school’ season.

Days are full of hustle and bustle, as parents become superhumans, getting kids of all ages organized for the massive back to school exodus. Supplies, sports gear, lunch bags, dorm rooms and big moves all present a whole new world of challenges, adventures, possibilities, and STINK! But don’t worry. We’ve got that last one covered.

If your gang gathers for ‘Friday Night Lights’ or early mornings at the ice rink, rest assured the sports gear is sure to break records for stink. But with our Ever Bamboo Sports Kit, you will find that the eco-friendly, effective, reusable bamboo charcoal pouches are the game changers you need to even the SCORE with stink! Just #PopAPouch in your helmets, gloves, sneakers, cleats, skates, sports bags and lockers where stink likes to hide. Soon you will say, Stink? What stink!

Now to the more mysterious, and subtle of the school year stinks. The dorm room.

(Ahem! Yes young men, we are speaking to YOU! Ha ha ha!)

Whether it’s the leftover take out that has taken over your desk, or the laundry that you just cannot seem to get to (or plan to bring home to mom) - stink piles up! And even more so when two or more people share a living space. Alas, Ever Bamboo Room, and Closet Deodorizers, are two things to have on hand for the save. Just pop one in a stinky corner, or under the bed with the missing socks you can never find. Or hang a couple in the closet where must and odour stays trapped, and WELLA! Stink will be gone, and Dorm mates will be happy. That’s one for the team : )

Finally, let’s not forget the gym bags, trash cans, and overnight bags that stay stuffed (and sometimes stinky) even AFTER they’ve transported or disposed of your things. Our Mini Deodorizer pouches are the perfect size to pop in sneaky little stinky spaces that we sometimes neglect. Because wherever you go, there is your ….. ew, NOSE!

And we think you should treat it nicely:)

Not only are Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches the perfect companion for back to school adventures, they are also easy to use, and reuse, for an entire year. Just put them outside in direct sunlight every month for two hours on each side. Then, pop them right back where you had them so they will go on to fight must and odours for up to a whole year.

As a little back to school incentive to earn good grades in how to “Rethink The Stink”- here is a special promotion just for you. Enjoy 10% OFF with promo code "bktosc10", valid until Sept 30, 2018.

Now THAT deserves an A+.


Enjoy, and have a happy, stink free day, and school year.

Team Ever Bamboo.


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