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July 01, 2017





Oh the summer sun.
Waking us from our winter slumber and bringing our senses to life again! The longer days and balmy nights usher in the sentiment of both nostalgia and anticipation. A splash in the lake. Endless days by the sea. The wafting scent of the backyard barbeque, and the anticipation of fireworks lighting up the
summer sky. It must be JULY!


On July 1st, we Canadians are celebrating 150 years of Canada Day. And on July 4th, proud Americans everywhere are coming to together for 241 years of Independence Day. It is to be sure, a month of remarkable anniversaries. And you know what else should be reminded of it’s anniversary? Your Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches! And summer sunshine makes that easy to do.

Now this seems fitting because as we all know, stink has a strong game in the summer months. Quite frankly, this is the perfect setting for Ever Bamboo to do its thing by eliminating odours and must, and keeping the fresh air fresh! We probably don’t have to tell you that dampness and humidity are par for the course in your golf bag, beach bag or car. Not to mention those wet swimsuits that often sit for hours long forgotten. Or the unattended cooler that starts to smell like wet dog! (don’t worry, we have a pouch for pooch too!)  

But 2 months after our little bamboo charcoal granules go to work, your pouches need a refresh! And the perfect way to do that? Glorious summer SUNLIGHT. Just take your Ever Bamboo Charcoal pouches outside for 2-3 hours of direct sunlight on each side, and they recharge, reactivate and reboot! (Well, perhaps we save the topic of boots for another blog :)

How is that for weathering the summer stink storms!

What is better than a non-toxic, chemical free, unscented, all natural, one ingredient odour and must eliminator that requires nothing more than SUNSHINE to keep it working hard for up to ONE YEAR? Um, nothing! (ok, ok, maybe we are a little biased at Ever Bamboo:)

We will stop boasting now, and let you get on with whatever it is that the July summer sunshine finds you celebrating this year. Make it fun. Make it safe. And make it stink free!

Wishing you endless summer fun and sun, Team EB

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May 20, 2017




In this day and age, nearly every single one of us are now recycling something, somewhere!
Plastic. Cardboard. Metal. Tin. Glass. THERE’S A BIN FOR THAT! The question is, what are the benefits beyond the bin?

Well it turns out, there are too many to name in a single blog, but perhaps we can shed some light on a few that are truly exciting and how they affect our choices every single day.

From household plastic and glass, to fabric scraps and textiles, the beauty of recycling is showing up in everything from clothing to art! Not only does this help the environment by reducing waste, it helps people around the globe support their families and communities with fair trade working wages! 

For example, recycled silk saris in India are woven into threads and yarns that find a second act in clothing and textile jewelry. The artisans in Ghana use recycled glass to create beads and stones that dazzle on a necklace or ring. 

And how about musical instruments made from recycled materials, like a cello made from an oil can and thrown away wood, check out the Recycled Orchestra from Paraguay (YouTube Clip), Pictures from the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.

This kind of global approach to creative recycling and sustainable living has given rise to a green movement that shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Many notable corporations have become big players in incorporating ‘greener standards’ which now contribute to promoting cleaner air, water, energy and working environments. We see the shift from paper to electronic communications saving millions of trees a year. We see countries that have banned plastic bags and water bottles. We see starbucks mugs being refilled to the brim during the morning coffee rush.We see moms and dads teaching their kids about the benefits of composting leftover fruits and vegetables. We see our take out containers and packaging made with recycled cardboard and paper. It is truly an ever evolving movement that has the potential to one day create a barely there carbon footprint, but we still have such a long way to go, and this is where arming ourselves with knowledge will create opportunities to bring this day closer. 

Here at Ever Bamboo, we proudly incorporate recycling into every product we make. Every single bamboo charcoal pouch lasts for a full year with proper care (which is a few hours in direct sunlight every few months) and then goes on to a very happy afterlife in your gardening soil or houseplants. After a year of use, each pouch can be emptied of its charcoal granules and used to regulate moisture in soil of any kind, making for healthy happy plants and gardens. 

In this way, we see our product go full circle. Sourced from Nature, and back to nature. All while keeping unwanted odours and moisture at bay. It is no coincidence that “green’ is our dominant color!

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April 21, 2017


Happy EARTH DAY Earthlings!

Let’s face it. The Earth deserves more than just a day. It deserves a LIFETIME.
And it is up to us to make sure that happens.
Here at Ever Bamboo, EVERY day is Earth Day!

Never, more so than NOW, has this been of the utmost importance. The crusade on climate change is in the forefront and in need of everyday warriors to fight it’s cause. The conscious consumer in all of us is coming to understand that what we put into our air and water has a direct impact not only on our personal health, but on the health of our beautiful Planet Earth.

We seek ‘natural’ and ‘green’ alternatives to everything from carbon footprints to carbon emissions. And when it comes to life’s stinky stuff, Ever Bamboo has 3 ways to help you do just that! We call them The Three ‘R's of Ever Bamboo! Rethink, Reuse and Recycle.


How do you think about stink? Probably the same way we all used to. We have been conditioned to reach for a big name candle or spray that ‘masks’ rather than ‘eliminates’ odours. But these options are often laden with toxic chemicals and artificial scents, that over time, are simply not good for us or the environment. But now there is an alternative. A new way to ‘think’ about stink! A way that makes for happier, healthier humans, homes and pets! And it is one simple ingredient called Bamboo Charcoal.

Sourced from China’s rapidly growing moso bamboo, the use of Bamboo Charcoal has grown exponentially in North America over the past 10 years, and we see no signs of stopping. The porous nature of bamboo charcoal is one of nature’s little miracles. The millions of tiny holes pull, then neutralize, odours and moisture from the air. Because the odour is eliminated, the need for masking with artificial scents becomes unnecessary. Just you and pure, clean air. Sounds lovely, right?

These days, bamboo charcoal is flexing its extraordinary little muscle in everything from soaps, shampoos and face masks to terrariums and garden soil! In fact did you know that in Japan, Burger King has added bamboo charcoal to its cheeseburger? Talk about having it your way!


With no toxic chemicals or scents, Bamboo Charcoal makes getting rid of stink and moisture an easy, fuss free task. One ingredient. One pouch. And one simple way to make each Ever Bamboo charcoal pouch last up to ONE FULL YEAR! (show me a candle or a spray that can do THAT!) Just three hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side, and the pouch is completely reactivated and ready to reuse for another 2 to 3 months. This process can be repeated for a full year of stink free bliss.


And here is the best part. After one year of use the pouch can be cut open to release the bamboo charcoal granules into your house plants, terrariums, or gardens. Here, the granules will go on to regulate moisture in the soil for stronger, healthier plants and flowers!

So imagine that! One product. One Ingredient. One year. This is so earth friendly we need new words for Earth Friendly! Ever Bamboo and conscious Earthlings are the perfect pair. And if Earth has anything to say about it, we think it will most likely be “THANK YOU”.

Happy Earth Day from Team EB!
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February 04, 2017


The TOP TEN for TEN!!! 🙌

Guess how Ever Bamboo is ringing in Feb 2017?  With a 10 year anniversary!

That’s right, we are celebrating 10 years of stink free bliss at Ever Bamboo. Our Bamboo Charcoal pouches are revolutionizing how we conscious consumers ‘think’ about STINK, and from the looks of how we’ve grown, we couldn’t be happier to report that you are indeed thinking differently, and making better choices for your home and family.

Of the many exciting things that have happened over the last ten years , some of our favourites include when Whoopi Goldberg featured Ever Bamboo as one of her ‘favourite things’ on The View, and a huge shout out from Tory Johnson and Ginger Zee while Ever Bamboo was featured on Good Morning America. We think there is a LOT to celebrate, so we have decided to kick off our 10 year anniversary with the TOP TEN LIST of reasons why EVER BAMBOO is the best choice for fighting stink naturally. We encourage you to share, and ENJOY!

  1. It ELIMINATES odours not “masks” them with harsh fragrances.
  2. It consists of ONE INGREDIENT ~ Bamboo Charcoal made from moso bamboo.
  3. It contains NO TOXIC CHEMICALS like most spray and candle air fresheners
  4. It is SAFE for people, pets and things!
  5. It tackles HUMIDITY, MUST and ODOUR with a single pouch.
  6. It is RE-USABLE. By simply placing the pouch under direct sunlight for 3 hours per side every 1-2 months
  7. We make pouches for everywhere there is stink. Bins, shoes, fridge & freezer, closets etc. Even pouches that protect your wooden instruments from too much humidity.
  8. It is RECYCLABLE. After one year, just cut open the pouch and sprinkle charcoal granules into your terrarium or garden. There, the granules regulate the moisture in the soil for happy, healthier plants.
  9. We also make natural and unique products like bamboo charcoal soaps. Because it’s good for your BODY too!
  10. The BEST reason to love Ever Bamboo is that we have shifted the paradigm for how consumers think about stink. There is a better choice, and we are so proud that you share in our mission for a cleaner, safer environment. #RethinkTheStink
  11. BONUS REASON? We have the CUTEST mascot EVER. #TheBamboozler!(featured below with Spot!)

So, there it is. 10 BIG REASONS to celebrate 10 BIG YEARS. Thank you for all the love and support you have given Ever Bamboo. As we move forward into the next 10 years with new products and more ways to #RethinkTheStink, we hope you will continue on our journey with us! Your momentum, excitement and TRUST in our brand is what we value most as Ever Bamboo continues to make the world a little less stinky one odour at a time. 😁

December 23, 2016


A Very Merry Stink Free Christmas Story

Brought to you By The Ever Bamboo Elves

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
            our noses were crinkled by less than fine smells.

Our kitchens, a medley of leftover stinks
           from over stuffed trash cans and dishes in sinks.

Visiting family and friends stopping by
            leaving damp boots and socks by the fire to dry.

Our snow loving pets nestled up damp and tired
            but that wet dog stink leaves us less than inspired.

The joys of the season seemed somewhat subdued
            by those pesky odours so subtly accrued.

When what to our suffering noses appear
            but a million porous holes in a tiny black sphere. 

It’s the PERFECT companion to your holiday feasts
            placed in the fridge preventing leftover beasts.

Place those good lumps of coal in our stockings with care
            and eliminate stink and purify air!

But alas, there is more to Ever Bamboo
            there are detoxifying beauty products too!

Scrub yourself clean with our HEI bamboo charcoal soap
            pamper yourself with spa packs and hope.

Then pat yourself dry with a cozy bamboo towel
            our soft bamboo sheets keep you cool as an owl.

Oh Bamboo Charcoal Santa, your treats bring us joy
            for must and odour, it’s our favorite toy!

So fill up the stockings with pouches galore
            have a stink free new year with this miraculous ore!

Now our holidays stay filled with stink free elation
            as we send must and odour on winter vacation.

Ever Bamboo in all of its glory
            brings a happy ending to a stink-free Christmas Story!

Merry Christmas from Team Ever Bamboo!
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November 24, 2016


Stuffing. It’s not just about the Turkey.

While most of us would describe stuffing as the undeniably delicious side kick of the beloved, traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, those of us who plan and prepare it may tend to think of stuffing as a verb. Specifically, the one we have come to use when referencing the incredible capacity of our refrigerators and freezers to adapt to, and accommodate, the often brimming delights of our pre and post holiday meal preparations.

While the splendid cornucopia of stove top fixins come to life, their myriad scents fill the air with what we would imagine the table of an idyllic Norman Rockwell holiday painting would smell like. The big stink inside of your refrigerator however, calls to mind more of a ‘who put the dirty socks in the fridge ‘kind of Edvard Munch ‘scream’! (Holiday Art Lessons 101!)

While care is taken to assert leftovers are well cared for to maintain their gobble worthy freshness, something as simple as torn tinfoil on the gravy bowl, or some shrunken ‘shrink wrap’ that eventually slips off the turkey can give way to one heck of a foul stink!

The secret to happy leftovers? Ever Bamboo Refrigerator and Freezer bamboo charcoal pouches. Just pop them into the back of your fridge or freezer during the holiday season, and let the wild rumpus start!  

The millions of hard working porous granules of bamboo charcoal in every pouch will keep your nose from crinkling and your tummy from shrinking:) Like turkey and stuffing, and Apple Pie and Ice Cream, we introduce a much needed holiday duo worthy of becoming a new tradition.You and Ever Bamboo! It is the perfect mash of Thanks and Giving. You are now free to jump on the gravy boat and paddle your way into tryptophan bliss.

You devour the Leftovers. Ever Bamboo will devour the Leftodors. Now THAT is something to be grateful for!

Eat. Gobble. Repeat.   

Happy Thanksgiving from Ever Bamboo!

October 29, 2016


Are you being haunted by GHOULISH ODOURS?



Scare them away with a big black pouch of Bam-BOO!  (charcoal that is)

One of our favorite things about October, and the arrival of the Autumnal months in general, is the continual influx of the delightful scents of pumpkin - spice- cinnamon - apple EVERYTHING!! It is a feast for the senses that we look forward to year after year after year... 

All of sudden it happens. Upon entering your usual ‘haunt’ for your morning coffee, you realize the change has occurred. You look up on the chalkboard and there it is, but you didn’t have to see it to know it was there. The scent of the glorious pumpkin spice latte wafts through the air so decadently you can almost taste it before it even hits your lips. Adding to your bliss, the pastry counter now boasts maple scones and cinnamon buns and pumpkin muffins. The ground is ablaze in orange and red as you listen to the sound of leaves crunch beneath your feet. The mild scent of fireplaces and freshly baked apple pies fill the air of the neighborhood and you finally know Fall has arrived.


Often, we are so taken by the season that we sometimes miss the other-worldly, not so pleasant ghosts of odours past that are determined to make their entities known as well. You know, the gym bags and smelly sports shoes left by the door. The spooky leftovers that have been left to the after-life in the fridge. The apple skins and pumpkin carvings that sit in the trash bin one day too long. Left unattended, all of these wicked odours can combine to make your home a HOUSE of HORROR-ble smells!!!!

Now is the time to stalk up on EVER BAMBOO charcoal pouches for trash bins, fridge and freezer, closets and drawers, and all the little nooks and crannies where the vampires of stink come to feed! Show these ghastly odours who’s in charge and cast these stinky spirits away for good! We promise you will have them scared off by simply casting one simple ‘spell’ ...



October 07, 2016



Three of our favorite things happen in the fall. Autumnal colors. Pumpkin Spice everything. And the excitement of back to school shenanigans.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Parents everywhere secretly rejoicing as school supplies and dorm room fixin’s pile into the cart for the grand send off! Campuses come alive with the buzz and bustle of this mass exodus of aspiring minds, go getters, and record breaking pizza eaters all eagerly settling in for a new year of higher learning (and an unexplainable contempt for keeping up with their laundry!)

The soon to be unfresh air of the mysterious, often unidentifiable dorm room funk slowly begins to seep down hallways and nestle into closets like a pair of old (smelly) slippers. Come on kids, you know the drill. These are text-book facts! Laundry piles sit for days while basking in pleasantries such as wet towels, damp gym clothes and week old pizza boxes. And alas, when aspiring academics finally decide to pick up the room a bit, this act generally consists of stuffing the dirty clothes into the same space where the nice clean ones once resided. Next thing ya know, STINK has gotcha by the drawers! Hampers become havens for must and odour. And suddenly everything smells like rotten eggs. Sound familiar? Quite frankly, our fine young scholars could use a crash course in Stink 101. But since you will be hard pressed to find one on the syllabus, we proudly present Ever Bamboo - Bamboo Charcoal Pouches for the easy A.

By placing our Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches in your closet, hamper, lockers, gym bags and drawers, No one will ever suspect that you haven’t laid eyes on the laundry room in days. Mom will not have to use surgical gloves and a face mask to wrangle the often unwelcome weekend visit home from your laundry basket, you know, the one that smells like a pile of stinky kicks!

After all, must and odour are two R’ewwww’m-mates that no one willingly invites to the party, but sometimes they show up uninvited and your nose suddenly is time to ace this annoyance. So to our brilliant young collegiates everywhere, why not let Ever Bamboo help you pass with flying colors? We guarantee you will graduate top of the class in Stink 101. #rethinkthestink

August 19, 2016


Hei You! Bamboo-tiful!!!

To put it ‘mildly’ summer skin is challenging. As the days heat up, we find ourselves applying several coats of sunscreen, moisturizer, self tanners and bronzer to our sun kissed faces and bodies. Throw in a little pool time, salt water and the puffy eyes of one too many margaritas and we have the perfect recipe for clogged pores and a residue ridden dermis. It’s our favorite part of summer - - - said no one EVER!

But what if we told you there was an all natural, chemical and paraben free way to literally raise the bar (of soap that is) on skincare?  We can and we will, as once again we see the unmatched, naturally occurring porous properties of bamboo charcoal rise to new levels of awesomeness and efficacy. This time, in skincare.

Sure. By now we have become familiar with the myriad ways our Ever Bamboo charcoal products deodorize and dehumidify in our homes, closets, freezers and trash bins. We applaud it for its longevity and numerous reactivations by sunlight. We LOVE how it recycles itself into a masterful moisture regulator in our terrariums and gardens! But did you know that using bamboo charcoal in soaps, spa packs and masks is the one of the hottest trends in personal beauty products?


Ever Bamboo’s Bamboo Charcoal Soap and Facial Masks are simply rockstars (ok, coal-stars) when it comes to cleaning and detoxifying skin. Upon use, they absorb impurities and free radicals that penetrate your glorious mug, and leave skin a heck of a lot more clear and luminous than they found it.


Now if you are more of a soaker than a stander, using our Ever Bamboo Spa Pack in the tub will be a game changer for you! As you submerge yourself into the essential ‘feel good’ minerals released into the bathwater - such as calcium, magnesium and potassium- you will experience the ultimate osmosis with the most-est that will leave you swimming in circulatory BLISS!

Is there anything you cannot do with Ever Bamboo? The jury is still out, but we promise we are diligently working towards a “no”.

In the mean time, go get yourself Bamboo-tiful today!

June 30, 2016


AH, SUMMER. Make MEMORIES a MUST! ...not musty memories.

Ah, summer is here. The damp, hair curling ocean air. The smell of charred burgers and hot dogs wafting through back yards. Car roofs and the ‘way way back’s’ of jeeps overstuffed with beach chairs and coolers and suitcases, as the wanderlusts of heat hit the road for their annual migratory rituals of summery to and fro’s. There is simply no better time of year to live wild with abandon. What you should NOT abandon however, are the bags and coolers full of damp, stinky summer stuff!

The humid days and nights of summer living can wreak havoc on the nose as your belongs become ripe with the not so pleasant fruits of our active outdoor labours of summertime love! The hot sun and moist air are welcome signs of the season. Unfortunately together, they combine to leave even the loveliest days soiled with unwanted odours (not to mention the odours of lovely beach bags, coolers and shoes!)

Now we all know that the occasional forgetfulness of ‘hanging the suits up to dry’ after a day at the beach is a shore way to musty odour and a host of not so fun 'other' things. And let’s face it, those flip flops and white tee’s you live in can get pretty stinky while on the open road of adventure. Couple that with a day of fishing on the boat or a camping trip by the lake, and you have the perfect summer cocktail of STINK! (on or off the rocks!) 

What if we told you that we had the perfect summer companion for your home away from home that was as easy as 1- 2- 3- as in, The Ever Bamboo Mini Deodorizer + Dehumidifier (aka The Travel Trio). They fit everywhere and anywhere you need them to. The backpack, where dirty and clean clothes must co-exist. 

The picnic basket that you ALWAYS forget to empty (aka leftover potato salad anyone?) Or the damp towels left sitting in the car just one day too long. You name it. The Travel Trio pouches are filled with our porous, odour absorbing bamboo charcoal granules, and quite literally save the day (and the noses and good standing of our travel companions!) Just pop one into the place where the stinky damp thing is and wella! Nothing but blue skies and sunshiney scents! Perfect for the beach bag, the cooler, the suitcase, the knapsack, or the duffle!

Now, nothing will stand between your nose and the refreshing summer breeze. Frolic freely knowing that what happens in the travel bag stays fresh in the travel bag! Have a happy, safe and STINK FREE summer.