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Has ‘STINK’ got you by the Drawers?

There is nothing worse than going to put on a fresh, clean article of clothing from your armoire or drawer, and instead, being hit with a not so nice musty odour. Often, despite the fresh smelling laundry detergent we use, or the sweet smelling sachets we line our dressers with, a musty drawer can render our efforts useless. Alas, we have the perfect solution. Ever Bamboo Drawer Packets!

By placing a pouch in each of your drawers, the Ever Bamboo Drawer Packets pull any moisture and odours from the drawers in your chests or armoires, leaving only the fresh smell of your sachets and clothing. Made from one single ingredient - bamboo charcoal granules - the pouches are safe, effective and will never harm clothes or leave a lingering, toxic scent behind. Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches don’t mask odours, they eliminate them!

There are a few other clever ways that these small sized packets keep moisture and odour at bay for easy, everyday use around our homes and apartments.

The bed: The rising popularity of memory foam mattresses, and mattress toppers, have many of us enjoying an extra cushy night of sleep. But if you live in a humid environment, chances are good that sweat or body moisture can get absorbed and trapped under the foam and cause dampness to lead to musty odours, or even mold. Simply sticking a few of these thin, small packets under the corners and center will help keep this at bay.

Kitchen cabinets and drawers: It would not be unusual for drawers in your kitchen to experience trapped cooking or food odours such as stinky produce, or fish. So why not keep your utensil drawers and dish cabinets fresh by popping a packet in the corner of each. Easy peasy!

The Couch: Sometimes, fabric is a stink trap. Perfect Example? The couch. Again, the slim size of our Drawer Packets allows for easy, undetected insert under cushions where they forge an attack on dampness and odours that often besiege where our loved ones and pets enjoy sitting.

So as you can see, the practical uses of Ever Bamboo Drawer Packets offer a small sized solution to big sized stinks. We hope this helps you keep life’s stinky stuff a little fresher.

Send us a photo and tell us how YOU like to put our drawer packets to use. Follow us on Instagram @everbamboo and use the hashtag #RethinkTheStink. We want to hear from you!

Have a happy, stink free day!

Team Ever Bamboo

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