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Well by now, we are all in the groove of the lazy, hazy, crazy (and often STINKY) days of summer. Whether it’s beachy seaside bliss, Adirondack lake-side lounging, or long hot days in the countryside sipping lemonade, chances are good that the dampness and humidity of the beloved summer months have by now, found their way into just about everything.

Enter Ever Bamboo. Our bamboo charcoal pouches are well equipped to take on the moisture and odour of all things “stink”, and you may be surprised how quickly they pop up. We’ve compiled a few of our sneakiest summer stinks, and their Ever Bamboo counterpart that will put the freshness back into your ‘fresh’ summer air! It’s so incredibly simple and easy. Just POP A POUCH IN WHERE THE STINK IS!

The damp kicks.

Everyone knows that in the summer, we often skip the formality of socks, and chose to go barefoot into the shoes and sandals of our choice. And while your feet may feel free, your kicks are confined to stink prison! Ever Bamboo shoe inserts to the rescue. Pop a pouch in each shoe and wella. In about 24 hours you will notice the dampness and odour, and the stink itself, gone!

The stinky sports bag.

Yes yes yes! We are ALL too familiar with that very unpleasant stench that sneaks up on us after even just one day of forgetting to remove your sweaty clothes after that long tennis game or workout. Well, once again, Ever Bamboo sports kit or travel size pouches arrive for the save. Just #PopAPouch in the bag and KEEP IT THERE. We promise that the dampness and moisture causing the stink will have met its match. Game over!

The stinky trash bin.

All those delicious melons must shed their skins, and the trimming of fresh meat and fish of the summer clambakes or BBQ, can leave your trash smelling, well TRASHY! Guess what! #PopAPouch of Ever Bamboo bin pouches into the can and watch the evidence of the day dissipate into to thin (FRESH) air. Summer can smell sweet after all!


The stinky suitcase or beach bag.

So, it’s time to hit the road and head out on your summer adventures. But what if it’s days between laundry? What if you don’t have the opportunity to air out your beach bag while on vacation? Well, pop a travel pack in your beach bag, or at the bottom of your suitcase and travel on fair warrior. You will have, in this manner, slayed the stink! So, #PopAPouch.

The humidity in your wooden instruments.

No summer would be complete without sitting around a campfire singing songs and strumming guitars, banjos, and the occasional ukulele! But you must protect them from the fierce effects of summer humidity, which often warp and swell your wooden instruments. We recommend popping a pouch in the body and case of the instrument to keep moisture at bay, and alas the ‘harmony’ in your music will stay alive and well!


So there you have it. The most effective and safe way to deal with the sneaky stinks of summer! Remember, as our illustration above shows, bamboo charcoal is the only ingredient in our Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches. There are no harsh chemicals like those found in leading sprays and candles, and are completely safe for people and pets! The porous nature of bamboo charcoal pulls moisture and humidity in from the air keeping stink out of the equation. The pouches last up to a year with proper care (of 2-3 hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side, every month) and can then be cut open to recycle the charcoal granules into your houseplants or gardening soil where they go on to regulate moisture. A win for the planet. A win for sustainability. A win for your stink free summer!


Do you have a favorite place where you like to #PopAPouch? Leave a photo comment using the hashtag #PopAPouch on our Instagram page and we may feature it in our story!


Have a happy, stink free SUMMER!

Team E.B.



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