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An Ever Bamboo Tale

Hello Everyone and Happy Summer!

As school wraps up for the year, and the long awaited summer holiday begins, we excitedly step into the season of damp swimsuits, musty coolers, stinky kicks and excess humidity! Now we think you should be able to enjoy these summer delights without the foul odours that often put a damper on our fun. And apparently, so do you!

One of the things that has always been of the utmost importance to us here at Ever Bamboo, is YOU, our valued customers, and your overall satisfaction with our products. Now sure, we can tell you a million times about how incredibly AWESOME our bamboo charcoal pouches are for removing must and odour, and the moisture that comes with it. And yes, we can go on and on about how wonderful it is to use an all natural, one ingredient (bamboo charcoal) product that actually eliminates, not masks, the unpleasant stinks that affect our belongings, homes and pets.

And you betcha’ we will proudly tout the ease and affordability of a product that is reusable for up to a full year by simply recharging the pouch with 2 hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side. And of course we will brag about the fact that the pouches are easily recycled by releasing the charcoal granules into your house-plants, terrariums, or gardens where they go on to regulate moisture in the soil.

Rest assured that we will repeatedly remind you how wonderful it is for the environment to be able to ‘rethink’ how you deal with ‘stink’ by using a sustainable, reusable, recyclable product with zero toxic chemicals or harsh perfumes. OR, we can just hand the reins of this month’s blog over to an actual, real life, satisfied customer - who just happens to manage a store for one of our favorite retailers in Canada - Burnaby’s Running Room.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful video from Jessica, a one time skeptic, who is now a believer in all things Ever Bamboo, whose life (and stinky running sneakers) were forever changed for the better after her very first use.

PS: We strongly encourage you to put us to the test too. We promise to pass with flying colors!


Have a happy stink free summer!

Stay cool, and dry,

Team EB

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