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It is the single most important thing in life that makes living worthwhile.

With gratitude, we lay the foundation for kindness, compassion, and grace. We know that without it, we gain nothing, and with it, we find abundance in everything. We give. We receive. We repeat. By doing so, we come to know joy and fullness in a way that nothing else can give us.

There is a special day to celebrate this beautiful word. Thanksgiving! And with the holiday season fast upon us, this is the time of year we all take a little extra time to count the many blessings we have to be truly thankful for. A cozy table of food and drink surrounded by loved ones and pets. New memories in the making and old ones served up with warmth and sentiment. The sound of crackling fireplaces burning, and the wafting delights of pies in the oven. The musty smell of old winter wear and musty mothball smelling sweaters and hats…. …..Wait. WHAT? Hold up! We must-a misunderstood.

Who invited odour and must to the party!?

No one. But it’s going to make itself right at home this time of year. You need help, and to the rescue comes Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches.

Whether it is the overstuffed fridge turning your leftovers into left-odours, the musty closets and drawers, or the damp shoes and boots piled up in the mudroom, Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are at the ready to fight back and keep your holiday season smelling the luscious way it should.

With one ingredient and zero toxic chemicals, Ever Bamboo is the clear choice for those who wish to #RethinkTheStink.

Why? Because we have a funny feeling you are not grateful for the fake scents that often overwhelm us as they mask, rather than eliminate odours. We are also pretty sure you would not be grateful for the many harsh chemicals found in scented candles and sprays. And we are all but certain that what you would be grateful for is a reusable, recyclable product with one natural ingredient (bamboo charcoal) that is always safe for pets, people, and all that yummy turkey and trimmings.

WIth a single pouch, odours and must are pulled from the air by the billions of tiny porous holes that occur naturally in bamboo charcoal, leaving nothing but the scent of LIFE as it should be, not as stink makes it!

We think that is something to be truly grateful for. And to show OUR gratitude to you, we want to give you some stink free holiday savings.

With BlackFriday right around the corner, now is the time to think about putting a little coal in your loved one’s stockings. Bamboo CharCOAL that is!

Enjoy the savings below, and have a truly happy, stink free Thanksgiving.


Gobble Gobble,

Team EB

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