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Time to remember the stinks of September!!!

Ahhh, September! Now depending on your perspective, September either fills you with autumnal excitement and anticipation, or leaves you wistfully longing for the lazy dog days of summer. The latter of course, would be coming from the youthful bright eyed hope of the future, while the former has parents everywhere doing the ‘back to school’ happy dance. What is for certain is that no matter which sentiment you take, STINK inevitably awaits in lunch boxes, gym bags, school lockers and heaps of dirty sports clothes. And THAT is nothing to cheer about!

Rah rah sis boom BLAH!

Much to our surprise, the mysterious and unidentified spills in lunch bags often leave behind pesky odours (hello Ever Bamboo Fridge & Freezer pouches!) And let’s not even get started on the STINK of team spirit. Those laundry baskets and gym bags cry foul after every game, and there are no extra points for stinky damp sneakers and shoes! Summer surf is replaced by football turf, and often your locker finds itself doing overtime in between washings! (Ever Bamboo Sports pack anyone?) I suppose you don’t need a play by play, but it’s safe to say that Ever Bamboo will even the score!

So relax. We’ve got this.

Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are safe and effective for every stink under the sun, (and even the ones stuffed in a locker that may never see the light of day!)

Our deodorizing and dehumidifying bamboo charcoal pouches eliminate dampness and odour, and doesn’t mask them with nasty chemicals and toxins often found in sprays and plug-ins. Not only are they made of one natural ingredient (Bamboo Charcoal), they are safe to be around food, people and pets! And the best part? Just a few hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side every two months of use reactivates the pouch, allowing them to “bamboozle’ must and odour for a full year. In fact, by the time you start thinking of your summer garden, the pouches can be cut open to release the granules into your gardening soil (or houseplants and terrariums) and go on to regulate moisture in the soil for stronger, healthier plants.

So while your kids are hitting the books, kicking the balls, and lugging around the sneakers and skates, you can be kicking odour and must to the curb! Now that is a game changer, wouldn’t you say?

Rethink. Reuse. Recycle. Easy as 1, 2, 3 for a win all year long!


Have a happy, stink free day! 

Team EB

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