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A Haunting Stink? ...

BamBOOzle it!!!

With the ghouls and goblins of All Hallows Eve fast approaching, there is one particular spook that seems to show up unannounced on the regular no matter the trick OR the treat! STINK!

The Autumnal bliss of the season is now in full swing with all of the bewitching scents we have come to love and anticipate - like pumpkin spice everything - and a few that we unfortunately do not, like that leftover half eaten lunch that sits in your little goblin’s lunch bag a day too long! Quick changes into sports gear often find lockers and gym bags stuffed to the rim with dirty clothes and and all the ghosts of smelly things past left behind by the very busy lives of young academia. All of this Brouhaha amounts to some very haunting stink!

Worry not, for here to slay the stink is Ever Bamboo. Just one bamboo charcoal pouch in a gym bag, locker, or a pair of musty kicks, can absorb moisture and dank odours that pile up to make a real stinker out of your little thinker! The millions of tiny porous holes in bamboo charcoal are the ‘black magic’ that makes those ghastly ghouls of stink disappear. And with proper care, those ghouls stay gone for a full year!

But beware the eternal spirits of the Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches! Tis said in modern folklore (and scientific research) that they indeed go on to (GASP!) the afterlife!

Yes, you read that correctly. An afterlife. But don’t be spooked. It is in fact the exact opposite of a ‘grave’ situation. Just cut open the pouches and mix the granules into your potting soil where they will then resurrect themselves to regulate moisture in your garden or houseplants. Like a night ride through Sleepy Hollow, your mums and fall flowers will be spellbound!

And as for stink? May it R.I.P.

Happy Halloween from Ever BamBOO!

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