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A (stink free) Christmas Story.

Once upon a time in a home much like yours

The North Pole Elves were busy doing Christmas chores.

When what to their chilly red noses appear?

A mysterious stink whose origin is unclear.


They tried a candle to mask the smell.

But my friends, for them, it simply didn’t end well.

The toxic perfumes and dyes and scents

Had them blowing it out without making a dent.


They next tried a spray, as surely this will do.

But over 80 toxic chemicals filled the air too!

Disheartened and tired of simply masking the stink

Someone exclaimed “it’s TIME TO RETHINK!”


A wiser elf, now seeing their dismay

Spoke of Ever Bamboo to keep stink away.

“It’s bamboo charcoal - all by itself.

It pulls must and odour from the air” said this elf.


“This rapidly growing plant, known as moso bamboo -

Is reactivated by sunlight, and recyclable too!

A million porous holes eliminates, not masks.

And makes worrying about STINK a thing of Christmases past”


The happy elves cheered when they finally understood

“Here’s a product that works, and does pets and people GOOD”

So off they went with a newfound goal.

To fill everyone’s stockings with Santa’s Good Lumps of Coal!


As they loaded the sleigh they told the reindeer

“We’ve a pouch of good fortune that lasts the whole year!”

...and I heard them exclaim as they rode out of sight

“Not a stink to be found on this Merry Christmas Night”


So the moral of the story my dear ReThinkers,

Is that even Santa’s elves don’t wanna be stinkers.

So cross stink off your list and check it twice.

And give the gift of a room that smells nice:)

Happy Holiday Season From The Bamboozler and Team Ever Bamboo!

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January 05, 2018

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