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Love is a many splendid STINK.

It’s been said that all you need is LOVE. LOVE is the answer. LOVE conquers all. But we have news for you. It won’t conquer stink! And ‘stink’ is often very much a part of the things and people we love!

Take, for example, how you love and admire your partner’s commitment to stay fit at the gym. While it’s good to be buff, stink calls their bluff in what seems to be the world’s most unfit, (for the human nose that is!) gym bag EVER. And while your heart swells with pride cheering on your kids as they get down and dirty for the love of the game, sadly, only your nose swells when a you catch a whiff of apres’ victory or defeat in the foyer day after day. And then there is Fido the pooch and Morris the cat. We love nothing like we love our furry family members - but while they are adorable, their stink is not. We haven’t even gotten to the stinky trash bin and refrigerator yet, but we think you’ve got the idea.

So while we choose love to conquer all, we must choose something else to conquer stink!

Now in the olden, glory days of love, one would reach for a well marketed ‘deodorizing’ scented candle or a ‘smell this not that’ aerosol spray to mask those unwanted smells. But now, as we collectively (and lovingly) rethink how we tackle stink, we understand that these old methods are full of toxic chemicals that are unsafe for our beloveds! What’s worse? They do not not eliminate must and odours. They simply mask it.

Luckily (as bamboo would have it) there is a new way to embrace and conquer stink, while keeping our love alive and well. Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches.

Just a single pouch with one natural, safe, single ingredient (bamboo charcoal) can single handedly eliminate some of the wrath of life’s stinky stuff. Placed in a gym bag (or boot, shoe, drawer, closet, bin, fridge or near Fido’s favourite spot or Morris’s litter box). Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches will keep odours and must at bay wherever they reside, for two solid months! But that’s not all this little love warrior will do. With 2 hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side, each Ever Bamboo pouch will be reactivated and ready to fight must and odour for another 2 months. Better yet? With proper care, a single pouch will last up to a full year! 

A FULL YEAR! Let’s face it - sometimes LOVE doesn’t even last that long! But in all fairness, maybe they just didn’t know about Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches. So for the sake of true LOVE, spread the word. Share the pouch. Keep it fresh. Have a happy, stink free Valentines Day!

LOVE, TeamEB #RethinkTheStink

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