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Oh the summer sun.
Waking us from our winter slumber and bringing our senses to life again! The longer days and balmy nights usher in the sentiment of both nostalgia and anticipation. A splash in the lake. Endless days by the sea. The wafting scent of the backyard barbeque, and the anticipation of fireworks lighting up the
summer sky. It must be JULY!


On July 1st, we Canadians are celebrating 150 years of Canada Day. And on July 4th, proud Americans everywhere are coming to together for 241 years of Independence Day. It is to be sure, a month of remarkable anniversaries. And you know what else should be reminded of it’s anniversary? Your Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches! And summer sunshine makes that easy to do.

Now this seems fitting because as we all know, stink has a strong game in the summer months. Quite frankly, this is the perfect setting for Ever Bamboo to do its thing by eliminating odours and must, and keeping the fresh air fresh! We probably don’t have to tell you that dampness and humidity are par for the course in your golf bag, beach bag or car. Not to mention those wet swimsuits that often sit for hours long forgotten. Or the unattended cooler that starts to smell like wet dog! (don’t worry, we have a pouch for pooch too!)  

But 2 months after our little bamboo charcoal granules go to work, your pouches need a refresh! And the perfect way to do that? Glorious summer SUNLIGHT. Just take your Ever Bamboo Charcoal pouches outside for 2-3 hours of direct sunlight on each side, and they recharge, reactivate and reboot! (Well, perhaps we save the topic of boots for another blog :)

How is that for weathering the summer stink storms!

What is better than a non-toxic, chemical free, unscented, all natural, one ingredient odour and must eliminator that requires nothing more than SUNSHINE to keep it working hard for up to ONE YEAR? Um, nothing! (ok, ok, maybe we are a little biased at Ever Bamboo:)

We will stop boasting now, and let you get on with whatever it is that the July summer sunshine finds you celebrating this year. Make it fun. Make it safe. And make it stink free!

Wishing you endless summer fun and sun, Team EB

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