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The eternal life of Bamboo Charcoal...  😇

Rethink. Reuse. RECYCLE.

There are many things we take great pride in at Ever Bamboo. We love that Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are safe, non toxic, and contain only one ingredient. We adore the fact that a single pouch lasts for up to a year when proper care is taken to recharge it every 2-3 months in direct sunlight on each side. But the thing we love the most is that after a full year of extraordinary stink stupefying and humidity heroics, the bamboo charcoal granules that make up each pouch go on to their very own version of (gasp!) “the afterlife” in your gardening soil or house plants!

YES! You heard correctly! Even after a full year of use and recharging, these powerful little granules still possess the ability to regulate moisture in soil to make your garden veggies more vibrant and your plants and flowers healthy and hearty!

How you ask?


The millions of tiny porous holes in that are naturally occurring in the bamboo charcoal granules deter pests and absorb excessive moisture in the soil (especially ideal for delicate plants such as orchids). In turn, if the soil becomes too dry, the charcoal will discharge its own moisture and help maintain the very delicate balance of life in the garden or terrarium. So even if you lack a ‘green thumb’, you now have a green ally to get the job done!

At Ever Bamboo, we believe when you know better, you do better. Making wiser choices for you and your family, pets and home has never been easier. And just knowing that you are no longer contributing an empty can of toxic ingredients to a landfill somewhere is enough to make you feel like a green super hero! (Or as we like to call him, the stink BAMBOOZLER!)

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So remember to RECYCLE your Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches, and have a happy stink free day!

Team EB (and of course our very own superhero of stink ...The Bamboozler!)

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