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And we can do our share by continuing to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink.

The cries are becoming louder and louder for immediate action on Climate Change. And we, as global citizens, are being called upon to do ALL of the above. 

But sometimes, it feels so overwhelming that we often feel at a loss for how we can singularly contribute to such a collective problem. Well, believe it or not, there are myriad ways - both big and small - that our daily lives can indeed effect change.

The first is something you’ve no doubt read about for years. Reducing our carbon footprint. Doing that looks like little things at first - like replacing paper and plastic with cloth or glass. By doing away with disposables like plastic containers and paper napkins. Doing this leads us effortlessly into the next phase of only using ‘Reusable’ products. 

Reusing glass and cloth can save hundreds of pounds of waste a year and keep that much more out of landfills and dumps. Now while it is not always possible to utilize reusable items, it is ALWAYS possible to ‘recycle’. 

From paper and plastic, to tins and glass, there is a proper place for disposal that we must continue to implement in our daily lives. Recycling bins and programs are even the law now in many communities, states and countries. Recycling does so much more than save the planet from overrun landfills! It actively contributes to the other two - reduction and reuse! They are all connected, and they all work in tandem to aid the crisis we are facing.

So how can we get there faster? We RETHINK! 

At Ever Bamboo - our motto is #RethinkTheStink. Why? Because when we take the time to “rethink” what we allow in our homes - like scented candles and room sprays that are often laden with toxic chemicals and perfumes - we come to realize that they are not the ONLY options for dealing with life’s stinky stuff! 

Each Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouch is made from one ingredient - Bamboo Charcoal. It is non toxic, unscented, and safe for our families and pets.
With proper care (direct outdoor sunlight on each side for 2 hours monthly) our products last up to a year. Once that year is done, you can then cut the pouch open and scatter the charcoal granules into your garden to regulate moisture in the soil. 

See what we did there? We utilized the three R’s.
We reduce by making it reusable AND recyclable. 
From earth to earth. It’s like the ‘circle of life’ in clean living!

Knowledge is power, and when we have knowledge, we then have the power to make more informed choices which lead to a healthier, safer home.
The simple steps of reducing, reusing, recycling and rethinking can be easily applied to our everyday lives, and take us one step closer to a happier, healthier planet. 

Ever Bamboo is all in, and we think you should be too! So as an incentive to put these words into action, here is a 15% discount. 
Enjoy your 15% OFF with code "EARTH2022_15
" on all our deodorizer and dehumidifier products starting now until May 2, 2022.

Have a happy, Stink FREE Earth Day!
Team E.B.

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