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A Very Stink Free VALENTINE

Roses are red. 
Green is bamboo. 
Here is a Valentine 
From us to you!

Once upon a time in a land far away 

We discovered bamboo can grow 3 feet a day!


Bamboo is a grass, but it’s stronger than wood.

It saves trees, and time, and does a whole lot of good.


You can find it everywhere nowadays

It can be used in such versatile ways!


But Bamboo Charcoal is one of the stars

That gives such power to products like ours.


It comes in a pouch that you place anywhere

that STINK has invaded your surrounding air!


In a closet, a drawer, a bin or a shoe

A fridge or a freezer and a gym bag too.


Where Spot likes to sleep, where a laundry pile grows

Ever Bamboo is like a salve for the nose!

No toxic chemicals. No perfumey smells

Just one ingredient that does its job well.


And since we enjoy sustainable living.

Ever Bamboo is the pouch that keeps giving!


Just pop it outdoors under direct sunlight

2 hours per side, and then on with the plight!


Now after a year of reusable splendor

It has an afterlife it has yet to render!


These powerful granules are ready to toil

As they regulate moisture levels deep in the soil.


Just cut the pouch open and sprinkle away

And watch your garden grow happily each day!


So as you can see, the love is strong

We are proud of this journey and love having you along!

To thank you, and show you just how we feel. 

Here’s a valentine’s day code that’s one heck of a deal.

10% on any deodorizer and dehumidifier that you LOVE!


Happy Valentine's Day! 

Love, Team EB


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