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And it’s time to Rethink That Summer Stink.


Summer is upon us, and so is all the sun and fun and ‘stink’ of the season. Whether you are hitting the highways and back roads for a long awaited summer road trip, or parked and chilled at vacation headquarters by the lake or the sea - long, hot, humid summer days are finally here - and so are the damp, stinky shoes, swimsuits and beach bags that always come along for the ride.

Here at Ever Bamboo - we have a few ideas that will help you combat the worst of the summer stink offenders! Here are some suggestions for ways to use our Ever Bamboo Bamboo Charcoal Pouches throughout the summer season. We promise, your nose will thank you.

1 - Keep your clothes stink free by popping our mini travel pouches into your luggage, and your summer gym tote!! We know it’s not always easy to do laundry while on the road, and sometimes, that gym bag can be forgotten about until that damp stinky tee reminds you it’s still there!  And don’t even get us started on the forgotten beach towels in the trunk;)

2 - Pop one of our fridge and freezer pouches into your coolers or hiking knapsacks to keep leftover or unfinished food from stinking up. We cannot tell you how many times we have forgotten to empty the cooler - and how often the end result is pure stink!

3 - Spending time outdoors sightseeing, or on hikes or bike rides is gonna leave you with some stinky socks and shoes.  Simply pop a pair of our shoe or boot deodorizers in your kicks at the end of the day! We promise it will be like they never left the house!

4 - In the summer your trash cans and indoor bins can really start to smell in the heat. Just pop a ‘bin’ pouch under the bag or on top of the bin lid. You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes.

5 - Great tip: Slide the boot pouches right into your summer sandals and slides at the end of each day. Doing so will ensure you wake up to stink free beach shoes no matter how bad your tootsies stunk the day before!

Most importantly, remember that Ever Bamboo pouches last for up to a year with proper care. After a month of heavy use, just lay each pouch in direct outdoor sunlight for two hours on each side. Doing so reactivates the charcoal granules and they are now like new again! Onward they go to fight stink for another month! Repeat this for up to a year, and then cut the pouches open and sprinkle the charcoal granules into your garden or terrarium where they go on to regulate moisture in the soil. Yes, we even have an afterlife:)

Just like those lazy hazy dog days of summer, caring for your Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches requires very little effort - and a whole lotta sunshine. Not a bad way to keep your nose happy.

To celebrate the quintessential summer holidays – Canada Day and the Fourth Of July - We are offering you a 10% promo code "10OFF_SUMMER"  on all our deodorizer and dehumidifier products to stock up for your summer travels. Valid until July 11, 2022. 

We hope that you have a happy, stink free summer!
Team E.B.

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