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Time To GHOST The Stink!

….Because WE put the BOO in BamBOO!

Spooky Season is indeed upon us, and for many, the haunting stench of stink is lurking in the background of our everyday lives. And while ‘masks’ are all the rage this time of year during halloween - masking STINK is not! Luckily, the ghostbusters of must and odour have arrived in the form of Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches. And it’s time to slay.

As the weather gets chillier for many of us - we are scrambling to bask in the last few weeks of milder weather before winter renders us iced! Perhaps the laundry pile sits a little longer. Or the fridge goes a few extra days without disposing of the now ‘ghoulish’ smelling leftovers. And who wants to clean out the gym bag when we could be outside jumping in skyscraper height leaf piles! This time of year, we are ‘falling’ into autumn - and that means the spell of stink could be on the rise.

Bamboo Charcoal is one of nature’s hardest working dehumidifiers and odour busters. Made from the rapidly growing bamboo plant, use of our Ever Bamboo products are a long term, sustainable way to deal with must and odour without chemicals, toxins or the heavy perfumes often found in sprays and candles. Just one single ingredient that is safe for our family, pets and homes. Got it, pumpkin?

Popping a pouch in your stinky laundry bin, trash can, closet, fridge, freezer or the sports bags that go unattended for days - will put the skeletons of STINK back in the closet for good. 

And the best part? They last for a full year with proper care ( just put the pouch in direct outdoor sunlight for 2 hours on each side) and after the year is up, the pouches can be cut open to release the charcoal granules into your gardening soil where they will continue to regulate moisture. How’s that for a haunting!

So let us help you banish the ghosts of stink forever.  We trick you not with this special Halloween TREAT for your goody bag! ENJOY 10% OFF with code BOO202110 on our deodorizer & dehumidifier products. Valid until November 8, 2021. 

Have a Happy, Stink Free Halloween!
Team Ever BamBOOOOO!

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