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A Christmas Story.

Once upon a time in a land far away

A man named Clause was preparing his sleigh.


The gifts were all wrapped and his belly was full

The reindeer were ready for the all night pull.

But something was amiss on this one Christmas Eve.

There was a stink in the air he just couldn't believe!


He wandered the workshop sniffing away

Searching for clues to this ‘stink’ of dismay


He soon found his elves in a bit of a quandary

It had been WEEKS since they did their laundry.


Now Santa understood Elvin chores were neglected

In the rush of Christmas, it was to be expected!


They tried candles of pine and a peppermint spray

But these things could not keep the STINK away!


So Santa knew what he had to do...



On counters, in stockings, in closets and shoes

In trash bins and fridges and Elfin drawers too!


The jingle bells rang and the room filled with Glee

Big happy smiles were all you could see!


And the Christmas Spirit now filled the air

Replacing the stink that used to be there.


Mrs. Claus gave a nod of approval

And the Elves were in AWE that the stink was bamboozled!


Santa climbed on the sleigh in his big red coat

Pleased with himself -  but not one to gloat;)

And we heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight

EVER BAMBOO FOR ALL - and to all a good night!


From our Ever Bamboo family to yours we wish you 

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Team Ever Bamboo


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