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And just like that It is Springtime again.

And there is never a better time to freshen things up!

As we start to venture out into all the glory that is spring… Many of us are reaching for our closets and armoires to switch out our winter clothes for our springtime wardrobes. 
Those big winter boots and parkas have earned a rest, and a refresh. And as you pack it all away for next year - we have some spring tips for keeping everything fresh, and stink free!

We’ve compiled a little list of helpful ways Ever Bamboo can keep stink at bay. 

  1. Winter Shoes and Boots - As you tuck them away for next year, pop one of our Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches into each one. This will absorb all the foul odors of constant wear throughout the winter, and you find them refreshed and odorless when you reach for them next year.

  2. Closets and Drawers - We all know that musty mothball smell that knocks us over when we open an old chest of drawers or a closet that hasn’t seen the light of day for a few months. Is your closet musty?? Then treat it JUSTLY with our closet and drawer packets. Pop a few in the pocket of your coats, or in your chest of drawers to pull any moisture and odor from the area. Wella - this is a closet you will WANT to go into. 

  3. Locker rooms and gym bags - Sure know how to fester stink. But with our room deodorizers and travel size mini’s - sweaty stink will be a thing of the past. The only thing you will smell is the scent of victory!

  4. Fridge and Freezers - Yes, they need a refresh too! Just because it’s cold doesn't mean it can’t stink! Our fridge and freezer deodorizers will have your fridge and freezer smelling like a spring garden….

  5. And Speaking of gardens… did you know that after one year of proper use and reactivation (2 hours of outdoor sunlight on each side every month or two depending on the stink) each Ever Bamboo pouch can be cut open so that the charcoal granules can be used to regulate moisture in your terrarium or outdoor garden soil? That’s right! Even after a full year of fighting stink, must and humidity - the charcoal granules STILL keep working. The value shows itself not just in the nose, but in the wallet!

So as you venture into the next season, remember to take us with you. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…. We have a pouch for any stink at all! 

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Have a happy, stink free Spring.
Team EB

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