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A Change of Season

And a reminder to re-activate your pouches!

Hello all of you wonderful stink slayers and bamBOOzlers!
It has definitely been a minute since our last blog post - and we couldn’t imagine a better time for an autumnal comeback than Spooky Season.

Now as beautiful as the autumnal months can be, they do seem to arrive with a whole new slew of stinks. And we are ready.

As the weather turns, many of us find ourselves stowing away the flip flops, bathing suits and beach bags -  and reaching instead for warmer clothing, boots and winter wear. We restock our drawers and closets with our winter cozies, while packing up our summer memories along with our swimsuits, shorts and flip flops. And while we may take great care to be mindful about storing our seasonal belongings, STINK does not.


Packing seasonal things away? Pop a Pouch!
Storing that cooler and the beach totes in the garage or the basement for the winter? Pop a Pouch. Changing over our tennis and baseball bags to football and hockey? POP A POUCH!
Anywhere that stink can creep up on us is the perfect place to pop a pouch.

And speaking of pouch popping, perhaps many of you have been utilizing your Ever Bamboo pouches during the summer months. Well - just a little reminder that with proper care, each Ever Bamboo charcoal pouch can fight humidity, must, and stink for a whole year!
Just 2 hours of direct sunlight on each side of your pouch - and they are as good as new, and ready for another few months of stink slaying!

Just as the change of season reminds us to turn back our clocks - Spooky season reminds us to reactivate our pouches.(Yes, we can bring them back from the dead! How is THAT for a bewitching spell :)

After all -  We have enough ghoulish things to deal with this time of year!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Don’t forget to put the BOO in Bamboo;)

Have a Happy, Stink Free Autumn.
Team EB

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