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Stuffing. It’s not just about the Turkey.

While most of us would describe stuffing as the undeniably delicious side kick of the beloved, traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, those of us who plan and prepare it may tend to think of stuffing as a verb. Specifically, the one we have come to use when referencing the incredible capacity of our refrigerators and freezers to adapt to, and accommodate, the often brimming delights of our pre and post holiday meal preparations.

While the splendid cornucopia of stove top fixins come to life, their myriad scents fill the air with what we would imagine the table of an idyllic Norman Rockwell holiday painting would smell like. The big stink inside of your refrigerator however, calls to mind more of a ‘who put the dirty socks in the fridge ‘kind of Edvard Munch ‘scream’! (Holiday Art Lessons 101!)

While care is taken to assert leftovers are well cared for to maintain their gobble worthy freshness, something as simple as torn tinfoil on the gravy bowl, or some shrunken ‘shrink wrap’ that eventually slips off the turkey can give way to one heck of a foul stink!

The secret to happy leftovers? Ever Bamboo Refrigerator and Freezer bamboo charcoal pouches. Just pop them into the back of your fridge or freezer during the holiday season, and let the wild rumpus start!  

The millions of hard working porous granules of bamboo charcoal in every pouch will keep your nose from crinkling and your tummy from shrinking:) Like turkey and stuffing, and Apple Pie and Ice Cream, we introduce a much needed holiday duo worthy of becoming a new tradition.You and Ever Bamboo! It is the perfect mash of Thanks and Giving. You are now free to jump on the gravy boat and paddle your way into tryptophan bliss.

You devour the Leftovers. Ever Bamboo will devour the Leftodors. Now THAT is something to be grateful for!

Eat. Gobble. Repeat.   

Happy Thanksgiving from Ever Bamboo!

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