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A Very Merry Stink Free Christmas Story

Brought to you By The Ever Bamboo Elves

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
            our noses were crinkled by less than fine smells.

Our kitchens, a medley of leftover stinks
           from over stuffed trash cans and dishes in sinks.

Visiting family and friends stopping by
            leaving damp boots and socks by the fire to dry.

Our snow loving pets nestled up damp and tired
            but that wet dog stink leaves us less than inspired.

The joys of the season seemed somewhat subdued
            by those pesky odours so subtly accrued.

When what to our suffering noses appear
            but a million porous holes in a tiny black sphere. 

It’s the PERFECT companion to your holiday feasts
            placed in the fridge preventing leftover beasts.

Place those good lumps of coal in our stockings with care
            and eliminate stink and purify air!

But alas, there is more to Ever Bamboo
            there are detoxifying beauty products too!

Scrub yourself clean with our HEI bamboo charcoal soap
            pamper yourself with spa packs and hope.

Then pat yourself dry with a cozy bamboo towel
            our soft bamboo sheets keep you cool as an owl.

Oh Bamboo Charcoal Santa, your treats bring us joy
            for must and odour, it’s our favorite toy!

So fill up the stockings with pouches galore
            have a stink free new year with this miraculous ore!

Now our holidays stay filled with stink free elation
            as we send must and odour on winter vacation.

Ever Bamboo in all of its glory
            brings a happy ending to a stink-free Christmas Story!

Merry Christmas from Team Ever Bamboo!
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