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Bamboo Products and Sustainable Living

New Year. New You. More Bamboo!

If ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are key buzz words in your daily life - Bamboo products should definitely have earned a place there as well.

Bamboo is a rapidly growing grass mostly known for its versatility and environmentally friendly properties. In addition to this, products made with bamboo are incredibly strong and durable. By making sure it is responsibly sourced and produced ethically - utilizing bamboo products is a great addition to greener living. But in case you need a few tips and suggestions, here are some of our favorite bamboo products, and why we love them.

Bamboo Charcoal:
Bamboo charcoal is naturally porous and pulls moisture and odor from the surrounding air. Unlike the harsh scents and toxic chemicals found in candles and sprays meant to ‘mask’ odors, bamboo charcoal products actually eliminate must and odor naturally, and offer a safer, non toxic alternative to life’s stinky stuff.

Bamboo Furniture:
Let's just say this. Bamboo is so strong, it will cut through concrete if it is grown near it. That is why here and abroad, furniture, and even homes are sustainably built from bamboo. It is one of the strongest materials in nature, and because it grows so rapidly, it is considered a renewable resource.

Clothing and Bedding: 
Bamboo fiber is breathable, moisture wicking, soft and hypoallergenic. So whether you love it in your sportswear due to its antibacterial properties, or your bedding to keep you cool and comfy - bamboo has you covered. Literally.

Utensils, straws and toothbrushes:
Durable. Lightweight. Eco-friendly. Reusable. Biodegradable - do we need to say more? 
We didn’t think so. So eat up! (then brush your teeth!)

It is clear that by incorporating bamboo products into a sustainable lifestyle, you are doing yourself, and the planet, a world of good! Not only are you contributing to environmental conservation and a smaller carbon footprint, you are utilizing a renewable resource that has so many practical uses and benefits - you may just forget it’s grass!

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Happy Bambooing! 

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