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Are you being haunted by GHOULISH ODOURS?



Scare them away with a big black pouch of Bam-BOO!  (charcoal that is)

One of our favorite things about October, and the arrival of the Autumnal months in general, is the continual influx of the delightful scents of pumpkin - spice- cinnamon - apple EVERYTHING!! It is a feast for the senses that we look forward to year after year after year... 

All of sudden it happens. Upon entering your usual ‘haunt’ for your morning coffee, you realize the change has occurred. You look up on the chalkboard and there it is, but you didn’t have to see it to know it was there. The scent of the glorious pumpkin spice latte wafts through the air so decadently you can almost taste it before it even hits your lips. Adding to your bliss, the pastry counter now boasts maple scones and cinnamon buns and pumpkin muffins. The ground is ablaze in orange and red as you listen to the sound of leaves crunch beneath your feet. The mild scent of fireplaces and freshly baked apple pies fill the air of the neighborhood and you finally know Fall has arrived.


Often, we are so taken by the season that we sometimes miss the other-worldly, not so pleasant ghosts of odours past that are determined to make their entities known as well. You know, the gym bags and smelly sports shoes left by the door. The spooky leftovers that have been left to the after-life in the fridge. The apple skins and pumpkin carvings that sit in the trash bin one day too long. Left unattended, all of these wicked odours can combine to make your home a HOUSE of HORROR-ble smells!!!!

Now is the time to stalk up on EVER BAMBOO charcoal pouches for trash bins, fridge and freezer, closets and drawers, and all the little nooks and crannies where the vampires of stink come to feed! Show these ghastly odours who’s in charge and cast these stinky spirits away for good! We promise you will have them scared off by simply casting one simple ‘spell’ ...



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