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Time to Rethink The Stink!

Springtime comes with so many WONDERFUL scents! Don’t miss them.

Hello and Happy Spring Ever Bamboo’ers! Like us here at Ever Bamboo - you are probably wondering how it is possible that we are officially in the spring season. Wasn’t it just New Years? The way time is passing almost has us in a tailspin!!!

But now that spring has officially sprung, and we have saved the daylight once again - it’s a great time to remind you to reactivate, reuse or recycle your bamboo charcoal pouches.

Did you know that just 2 hours of direct outdoor sunlight on each side of your bamboo charcoal pouch reactivates the odour absorbing and moisture regulating properties of the charcoal granules? It's TRUE! This is one of the best things about Ever Bamboo products. They are reusable for up to a full year!

If they have been in use for a year or more - it may be time to cut open the pouch and release the charcoal granules into your garden or terrarium to regulate the moisture in the soil.

Now why would you do this when you can just light a candle or use an air freshener plug or spray? Because when you know better, you do better!

Oftentimes, candles and sprays are made with toxic chemicals that mask odours without eliminating them. The beauty of bamboo charcoal is that it literally pulls odour causing moisture from the air - thus eliminating the accompanying stink!

We get so many emails from our happy customers that love to tell us how placing a pouch in stinky shoes, the garbage bin, a ripe gym bag, or a musty closet literally eliminated the odours that they previously could not get rid of!  And you know what? We never get tired of hearing this because it just reaffirms what we have known for years. Ever Bamboo Works!

So as you ready your home, and your life for all things spring (and yes that includes those stinky spring sports bags and kicks) make sure that you have reactivated, recycled or re-stocked your Ever Bamboo Charcoal Pouches.

To say thank you for ringing in a new spring season with us, use the 15% off discount code SPRING2024 for a fresh bouquet of savings! Valid on all our deodorizer and dehumidifier products until April 8, 2024. 

Have a happy, stink free spring!
Team E.B.

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