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Happy Mother's Day

To those of you doing the most important job in the world - we see you. We are grateful to you. And we deeply appreciate you!

To celebrate motherhood is a wonderful thing. After all - what would this world be without them! 
But a mother is so much more than just a woman who gives life. She is many things to many people - and most often - it is the little details in the things she does that makes ‘mothers’ and ‘motherhood’ so special.

We recently came across a piece of content called “women carrying things”. It was a visually moving portrait of ALL the things that women carry in day to day life. Quite obviously, this goes well beyond the physical and often refers to the emotional weight of carrying beloved duties and worries in a way only mothers can. They carry hope for their children in a world of chaos and uncertainty. They carry groceries to prepare the meals from the store to the car to the kitchen. They carry loads - loads of laundry, loads of schedules, loads of chores and bills. They seemingly perform miracles under pressure and come through at the last moment just when all hope was lost.

They are emergency numbers, and phone tree branches. They are soccer moms and hockey moms. They are dance moms and pet moms. They are girlfriends and daughters and sisters and cousins. They are doctors and lawyers and teachers and scientists. They are here. They are there. Somehow - they can be everywhere at once. And in ways we often take for granted or forget to notice.

And let's not forget the incredible bonus mothers, step mothers, and bonus grandmothers! Sometimes - family is chosen. And that too is a beautiful thing! A mother’s love comes in all forms… and every single one is so needed, wanted and appreciated!

So in short we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all the moms out there doing the work of angels. It can be at times, a thankless job and full of redundant tasks that often go unnoticed. But we see you. Out there being the change, raising the kids, holding down the jobs, creating the art, forging the paths and making a difference by bettering this world with your love, devotion and hard work.

The world is a better place because of the love of mothers.
And we at Team E.B. Thank you.

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