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The TOP TEN for TEN!!! 🙌

Guess how Ever Bamboo is ringing in Feb 2017?  With a 10 year anniversary!

That’s right, we are celebrating 10 years of stink free bliss at Ever Bamboo. Our Bamboo Charcoal pouches are revolutionizing how we conscious consumers ‘think’ about STINK, and from the looks of how we’ve grown, we couldn’t be happier to report that you are indeed thinking differently, and making better choices for your home and family.

Of the many exciting things that have happened over the last ten years , some of our favourites include when Whoopi Goldberg featured Ever Bamboo as one of her ‘favourite things’ on The View, and a huge shout out from Tory Johnson and Ginger Zee while Ever Bamboo was featured on Good Morning America. We think there is a LOT to celebrate, so we have decided to kick off our 10 year anniversary with the TOP TEN LIST of reasons why EVER BAMBOO is the best choice for fighting stink naturally. We encourage you to share, and ENJOY!

  1. It ELIMINATES odours not “masks” them with harsh fragrances.
  2. It consists of ONE INGREDIENT ~ Bamboo Charcoal made from moso bamboo.
  3. It contains NO TOXIC CHEMICALS like most spray and candle air fresheners
  4. It is SAFE for people, pets and things!
  5. It tackles HUMIDITY, MUST and ODOUR with a single pouch.
  6. It is RE-USABLE. By simply placing the pouch under direct sunlight for 3 hours per side every 1-2 months
  7. We make pouches for everywhere there is stink. Bins, shoes, fridge & freezer, closets etc. Even pouches that protect your wooden instruments from too much humidity.
  8. It is RECYCLABLE. After one year, just cut open the pouch and sprinkle charcoal granules into your terrarium or garden. There, the granules regulate the moisture in the soil for happy, healthier plants.
  9. We also make natural and unique products like bamboo charcoal soaps. Because it’s good for your BODY too!
  10. The BEST reason to love Ever Bamboo is that we have shifted the paradigm for how consumers think about stink. There is a better choice, and we are so proud that you share in our mission for a cleaner, safer environment. #RethinkTheStink
  11. BONUS REASON? We have the CUTEST mascot EVER. #TheBamboozler!(featured below with Spot!)

So, there it is. 10 BIG REASONS to celebrate 10 BIG YEARS. Thank you for all the love and support you have given Ever Bamboo. As we move forward into the next 10 years with new products and more ways to #RethinkTheStink, we hope you will continue on our journey with us! Your momentum, excitement and TRUST in our brand is what we value most as Ever Bamboo continues to make the world a little less stinky one odour at a time. 😁

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