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Ever Bamboo Crowdnaming Campaign

September 25, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a moso bamboo.He absorbed odours and must from closet to shoe. But for all his hard work it seemed such a shame, that our feisty bamboo was given no name :( So we reach out to YOU, to tell us what you think.  What should we name our hero of stink? #EverBambooCrowdnaming Click here to let us know what you think. Campaign Date: Sep 25 - Oct 4, 2015 Continue Reading →

The Whoopi Effect

August 06, 2015

Hello Everyone, Today marks the one year anniversary of being featured on The View as one of Whoopi’s Favorite Things, and those 42 unforgettable seconds forever changed the trajectory of Ever Bamboo.  Last month, a customer called asking us which product would work best for the strange odour in her furnace room. After recommending the large room deodorizer I inquired how she learned about our products. “Whoopi” she enthusiastically said!  “You know that was a year ago, right?’ I playfully mentioned. “Yes” she laughed. “I made sure i wrote down everything Whoopi said so that i would know where to order when i found myself in a stinky situation. That time is now!”  We both had a laugh and it... Continue Reading →


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