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A Very Merry Stink Free Christmas Story

December 23, 2016

Brought to you By The Ever Bamboo Elves Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house            our noses were crinkled by less than fine smells. Our kitchens, a medley of leftover stinks            from over stuffed trash cans and dishes in sinks. Visiting family and friends stopping by             leaving damp boots and socks by the fire to dry. Our snow loving pets nestled up damp and tired             but that wet dog stink leaves us less than inspired. The joys of the season seemed somewhat subdued             by those pesky odours so subtly... Continue Reading →

Stuffing. It’s not just about the Turkey.

November 24, 2016

While most of us would describe stuffing as the undeniably delicious side kick of the beloved, traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner, those of us who plan and prepare it may tend to think of stuffing as a verb. Specifically, the one we have come to use when referencing the incredible capacity of our refrigerators and freezers to adapt to, and accommodate, the often brimming delights of our pre and post holiday meal preparations. While the splendid cornucopia of stove top fixins come to life, their myriad scents fill the air with what we would imagine the table of an idyllic Norman Rockwell holiday painting would smell like. The big stink inside of your refrigerator however, calls to mind more of a ‘who... Continue Reading →


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