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The Student Guide to STINK FREE LIVING

It’s hard to believe, but here we are again at the crossroads of the seasonal intersection known as ‘the end of summer’ and ‘the beginning of the school year’. Now if you are like most, you have one of two distinct schools of thought about this : ) 

If you’re a student headed back to the grind, perhaps your glee may be low to middling. If you are a parent however, chances are fairly good that at this very moment, you are currently engaged in what is known worldwide as the back to school happy dance! Whichever category you fall under, one thing is clear: With the start of fall sports, packed lunches that sometimes don’t UNpack for days, and overstuffed sports and gym bags - it’s definitely gonna start to get stinky around here…

So we at Ever Bamboo have compiled a simple back to school list for our #RethinkTheStink curriculum!  A list specifically curated for dealing with pesky must, dampness and odours in no particular order. We hope this helps you get an early handle on the sneaky little smells that can often go on to take over an entire room.

  • Ever Bamboo Shoe & Boot deodorizers - In every closet, locker or gym bag - WE PROMISE there is a lonely, stinky sole that needs your attention. We recommend you Pop a Pouch!
  • Ever Bamboo Room Deodorizers. - Honestly? If there is a kid and a room there is bound to be STINK. Stow one away near the hamper or closet. Your nose will thank you!
  • Ever Bamboo Drawer Deodorizers - because once stink has you by the ‘drawers’ it’s not going to let go easily. Keep a pouch in your dresser drawers for ultimate freshness!
  • Ever Bamboo Closet Deodorizers - Hung up on the STINK in your closet? Well don’t be. Just place one of our hanging pouches around your hanger, and musty clothing is a thing of the past!
  • Ever Bamboo HEI Charcoal Soap - Because what good is an odour and must free living space if you don't stay CLEAN - ok ok - we may be exaggerating, but the way that our bamboo charcoal soap draws out impurities and dirt from the skin is NO exaggeration! Grab a bar!
  • And finally - Once you are clean and stink free, how about slipping into one of the coolest, softest sleeps of your life. Sound good? Grab a pair of our Bamboo Sheet Sets. We believe sweet dreams are made of these!

We hope this list is helpful as you make your way back into the groove of the ‘back to school’ autumnal months. Study Hard! As a welcome back to the grind gift, we would like you to Enjoy a 10% discount with code: STUDY2019 (valid until Sept 16, 2019).


Have a happy stink free September.

Team E.B.

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