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Happy Birthday Neighbor!

Let us be the first to say HAPPY CANADA DAY and HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY neighbors! Not only do we live next door to each other - we celebrate our sovereignty together!

Something about July officially says ‘Summer is Here” - and nothing in the world feels better than freedom - and all the sparkling, booming festivities that come with it!

How will you be celebrating? A few days by the shore? A camping trip by the lake? Or maybe some travel and adventure in the big cities with some fireworks and a symphony of sound? Now America, you’ve gotten a lot of things right over the course of the last 223 years, but there is one thing you can still improve on. How you handle STINK!. Perhaps, it’s time to rethink!

Whatever you have planned, Ever Bamboo wants to come celebrate with you! Somewhere, at some point along the way to ‘freedom’ from the daily grind - you can be sure there will be stink! Whether it’s the smelly stuff in your beach bag and cooler after a day at the shore, or the stinky camping gear, travel bags and shoes after a day of summer fun - Ever Bamboo has the perfect pouch to pop in where the stink is!

To name a few, let's start with our ‘travel trio’ of mini bamboo charcoal deodorizers! They are small and convenient, and powerful enough to knock the stink out of small spaces like knapsacks, beach bags and luggage. And those new summer kicks and hiking boots that make you want to go barefoot after catching a whiff? Just pop a shoe / boot deodorizer in overnight and wake up with refreshed SOLES.

Perhaps you are traveling with Spot, and that wet dog smell has overtaken your home or car. Yes, Spot is cute -his STINK however -is not. This sounds like the perfect job for our large room deodorizer. Since our Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches are non toxic, chemical and scent free- they are safe and effective for people AND pets. Just pop one near his pet bed or favorite hang out, and wella! That stink will be more bark than bite ;)

And speaking of fireworks and symphonies, summer humidity can do a number on your wooden instruments. Keep them safe and sound (-ing good) with Ever Bamboo too! Your unwarped guitar will thank you as you play it around the bonfire:)

And finally, what can be better than the fact that our bamboo pouches can be reactivated by 1-2 hours of direct sunlight on each side - and go on to last the entire year? Not much! After all, they need a little summer sunning too!

No matter what you have cooking on the grill or on the road - be sure and stock up on Ever Bamboo to keep your summer stink free. Happy Summer Fun in the sun for all! Have a happy, stink free July!

Team E.B.





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