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Is STINK Haunting Your Home?

Perhaps you fear the haunting stink - that comes home with your kids from the hockey rink?

That musty smell of skates and gloves has you longing for a little refreshing love.

Fear no more because Ever Bamboo - has a Hockey Sports Set just for you.

A pouch in your skates, a pouch in your glove - and that ghastly stink will be met with love!

Or maybe your closet has a skeleton or two, whose stink is like a worn out, smelly BOO!

Hanging in the most musty way - a stink no witch could scare away.

But alas we have a hanging pouch that will have your stink saying “OUCH!”

Don’t get hung up on the stink in your closet - put a pouch on your hanger - 

Your nose will applaud it!

When your boots and shoes go traipsing about - stink will sneak in - of that there’s no doubt.

Those cozy wool socks can make your foot sweat -  but we slip off our boots and often forget. 

Dampness lingers causing musty stink - and now’s the time that we must rethink!

No more toxic sprays and balls! Just Ever Bamboo pouches to answer the call!


Stink is a ghoul who loves to haunt - but Ever Bamboo is the fix that will taunt.

Must and Odour will disappear - like a ghost in the night that you’ll no longer fear!

Just pop them into dark places that smell, and within days, you won’t be able to tell.

So Trick or treat from Ever Bamboo - Stay safe, and stink free from us to you!


Have a happy STINK FREE Halloween!

Team Ever BamBOOOOOO!


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