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It seems likely that by now, everyone knows, and understands the importance of Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970 to bring attention to the negative impact that our collective human activities were having on the global environment - it has now become an annual event that is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about climate change, and the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.

On this day, people all over the world participate in various activities that help to promote environmental consciousness and conservation. Things like planting trees, organizing beach cleanups, participating in recycling programs, and advocating for policies that promote sustainability are just a few examples of how we are tackling climate change and global warming both individually, and on a corporate level.

From the rising water levels caused by glacial melting - to the destruction of natural and much needed resources of the Amazon RainForest - the woes we face globally will be catastrophic if we cannot navigate the challenges we are now in the throes of. And quite frankly, we are running out of time. Each and every little thing we do in our daily lives should be fueled by the urgency of this crisis. But we often wonder, can I alone make a difference?

The answer is a resounding YES!

How, you ask? It’s simple and these are just a few examples.

Every time we conserve water. Every time we compost. Everytime we ease our carbon footprint. Everytime we use glass instead of plastic. Everytime we say no to fast fashion. Everytime we recycle. Everytime we reuse. Everytime we reduce waste. Every time we support companies and politicians whose policies fight for and contribute to a greener world. These simple things - when done individually - contribute to the efforts of a larger collective. After all, there is no Plan B. We have this one earth. It is our duty to care for and protect it.

Earth Day is an important reminder that we all have a role to play in working together to ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. And the time is now.

We can do this!

Have a Happy, stink free Earth Day from Team Ever Bamboo.

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