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Three of our favorite things happen in the fall. Autumnal colors. Pumpkin Spice everything. And the excitement of back to school shenanigans.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Parents everywhere secretly rejoicing as school supplies and dorm room fixin’s pile into the cart for the grand send off! Campuses come alive with the buzz and bustle of this mass exodus of aspiring minds, go getters, and record breaking pizza eaters all eagerly settling in for a new year of higher learning (and an unexplainable contempt for keeping up with their laundry!)

The soon to be unfresh air of the mysterious, often unidentifiable dorm room funk slowly begins to seep down hallways and nestle into closets like a pair of old (smelly) slippers. Come on kids, you know the drill. These are text-book facts! Laundry piles sit for days while basking in pleasantries such as wet towels, damp gym clothes and week old pizza boxes. And alas, when aspiring academics finally decide to pick up the room a bit, this act generally consists of stuffing the dirty clothes into the same space where the nice clean ones once resided. Next thing ya know, STINK has gotcha by the drawers! Hampers become havens for must and odour. And suddenly everything smells like rotten eggs. Sound familiar? Quite frankly, our fine young scholars could use a crash course in Stink 101. But since you will be hard pressed to find one on the syllabus, we proudly present Ever Bamboo - Bamboo Charcoal Pouches for the easy A.

By placing our Ever Bamboo charcoal pouches in your closet, hamper, lockers, gym bags and drawers, No one will ever suspect that you haven’t laid eyes on the laundry room in days. Mom will not have to use surgical gloves and a face mask to wrangle the often unwelcome weekend visit home from your laundry basket, you know, the one that smells like a pile of stinky kicks!

After all, must and odour are two R’ewwww’m-mates that no one willingly invites to the party, but sometimes they show up uninvited and your nose suddenly is time to ace this annoyance. So to our brilliant young collegiates everywhere, why not let Ever Bamboo help you pass with flying colors? We guarantee you will graduate top of the class in Stink 101. #rethinkthestink

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